Effect of Plates on Cortical Bone Perfusion
A Capite ad Calcem—A Parable for Our Time (1980 A.A.S.T Presidential Address)
Multiple Systems Organ Failure
Influence of Impact Velocity on the Severity of Nonpenetrating Hepatic Injury
Experimental Spinal Cord Trauma
Hemolysis following Thermal Injury and Depression of Reticuloendothelial System Phagocytic Function
Helping the Patient Cope with the Sequelae of Trauma through the Self-help Group Approach
Patterns in the Excretion of Muscle Markers after Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery
Serum CPK Isoenzyme BB as an Indicator of Brain Tissue Damage following Head Injury
Subluxation and Dislocation of the Hip
The Consequences of Intravenous Clofibrate and its Implications in the Treatment of Fat Embolism
Fractures of the Femur Secondary to Low-velocity Gunshot Wounds
Bone Scintigraphy in Trauma of the Hand and Wrist
Severe 'Suction Injury' due to Implosion of an Underwater Camera Casing
Myocardial Necrosis and Ventricular Aneurysm following Closed Chest Injury in a Child
Anterior Dislocation of the Glenohumeral Joint in a Child
Gray Scale Ultrasonography of a Traumatic Biliary Cyst
Blunt Trauma to the Common Femoral Artery
Board of Managers American Association for the Surgery of Trauma
Severe head injury
Head injuries in Scotland
Pneumoccal septicaemia after spleneectomy
Ruptured spleen
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Recovery from tetanus
Burn sheetings
Red cell deformability and burns
Film burn wound coverings
Erythrocyte filterability and burns
Dextran 70 v. heparin prophylaxis
Postoperative deep vein thrombosis
Liver rupture after arm amputation
Finger replantation in children
Complications in digital replantation
Fluidized beds
Immersion problems
Hand injury in motor vehicle accident
PIP joint injuries
Thumb reconstruction
Injuries in motorcyclists
Traumatic venal caval injuries
Prognosis of nerve injuries during acute trauma to peripheral arteries
Burn injury
Lung water changes after thermal injury
Effect of injury and infection on visceral metabolism and circulation
Beneficial effects of aggressive protein feeding in severely burned children
Cerium nitrate-silver sulfadiazine cream in the treatment of burns
Politeal artery trauma
CPK-MB isoenzyme determinations
Local anesthesia in minor lacerations
Mechanics of pedestrian-auto injuries
Fractures of the calcaneus
Fracture healing after plate fixation in the presence of infection
Closed trauma to the extra-cranial carotid