Innominate Vascular Injury
Urinary Excretion of Sulfur Amino Acids and Sulfur Metabolites in Burned Patients Receiving Parenteral Nutrition
Indications for Aortography in Blunt Thoracic Trauma
Major Abdominal Vascular Trauma—A Unified Approach
Biomechanics of Acute Subdural Hematoma
Prophylactic Antibiotics as an Adjunct for Skin Grafting in Clean Reconstructive Surgery following Burn Injury
Factors Affecting Mortality in Pelvic Fractures
The Rural Interhospital Disaster Plan
Management of Scalp Injuries
Femoral Venous Trauma in a University Referral Center
Penetrating Gluteal Injuries
Dislocations of the Lower Cervical Spine
Infection after a horse bite
Another silver sulphadiazine combination dressing
Central venous catheterization
Rupture in the kidney
Genito-urinary tract injuries
Management of pancreatic injuries
Emergency thoracoscopy
Blood viscosity after spienectomy
Recreational injuries; Death during play
Vascular injuries; Rupture of the aorta
Replantation of upper limbs
Routine exploration for vascular injury
Pathology and experimental work; Body temperature after injury
Electrical treatment for non-union
Miscellaneous; Response to single dose tetanus vaccine
Injuries sustained from high-velocity impact with water
Suprascapular nerve injury
Bone necrosis in divers
Vitamin A in burns
Laminar flow ventilation in burns
Burn scars
Electric burns