1982 A.A.S.T. Presidential Address
Improved Survival after Massive Burns
Evaluation of the Burn Wound with Perfusion Fluorometry
Inferior Vena Cava Injuries—A Continuing Challenge
Outcomes of Trauma Patients with No Vital Signs on Hospital Admission
Inappropriate Vasopressin Secretion (SIADH) in Burned Patients
Reduced Toxicity of Irradiated Endotoxin in Mice Compromised by Irradiation, Tumors, or Infections
Placement of 10-gauge Catheter by Cutdown for Rapid Fluid Replacement
Management of Penetrating Neck Injuries
Short-stay Study—Utilization Review
Bacteriologic Contamination in an Air-Fluidized Bed
Traumatic Aorto-caval Fistula
Pseudoarthrosis of a Fracture of the Acromion
Traumatic Hernia
Traumatic Rupture of Iliacus Muscle with Femoral Nerve Paralysis
Isolated Venous Injury Produced by Penetrating Trauma to the Lower Extremity
Impalement Injuries
Trauma Care Regionalization
Traumatic intracranial arterial aneurysms
Late results of conservative management of fractures of the calcaneus
Complications of Ender nailing in trochanteric fractures
Cause and prevention of post-traumatic genu valgum in proximal fractures of the leg in adolescents
Epiphyseal fractures and separations of the distal tibia
Epidemiological study of fractures of the cranium in children under 18 months of age
Osteonecrosis of the head of the femur after internal fixation of trochanteric fractures
Ambulatory management of fractures of the lower extremity
Indications for arteriography in injuries of the lower extremities
Carotid thrombosis following blunt trauma to the neck in motor vehicle accidents
Electrical stimulation of bone healing
Treatment of fractures of the frontal sinus