The Effect of a Paramedic System on Mortality of Major Open Intra-abdominal Vascular Trauma
Organization and Function of a Regional Pediatric Trauma Center
The role of a Trauma Center in Disaster Management
Evaluation of Prehospital Emergency Medical Service (EMS)
Glucose and Osmolality as Predictors of Injury Severity
Assessment of a 35% Fluorocarbon Emulsion
Indomethacin Improvement of Septic Acute Respiratory Failure in a Porcine Model
Pulmonary Capillary Endothelial Dysfunction in Hypoxia and Endotoxemia
Clinical and Roentgenographic Evaluation of Nonunion of the Forearm in Relation to Treatment with D.C. Electrical Stimulation
Fatal Injuries to Bicyclists
Two Fatal Bicyclist Injuries From Extended Rear View Mirrors
Meetings and Postgraduate Courses of Interest
Bacteriology and infection
Effect of ultraclean air in operating rooms
Treatment of acute abscesses in the casualty department
Good antimicrobial prescribing
Pathology and experimental work
Organisization and accident prevention
Thoracic injuries
Fractures and Dislocations
Bacteriology and infection
Clinical uses of cephalosporins
Good antimicrobial prescribing
Injuries of the head and spine
Early management of head injuries
Thoracic and abdominal injuries Spontaneous gastric rupture
The management of post-traumatic intra-hepatic cutaneous biliary fistulas
Liver injury
Studies on serum levels after burn injury
Organization topics and prevention