Clearance from the Vascular Compartment of Endogenously Labelled Plasma Fibronectin
The Relationship between Plasma Catecholamines and Severity of Injury in Man
Relative Roles of Burn Injury, Wound Colonization, and Wound Infection in Induction of Alterations of Complement Function in a Guinea Pig Model of Burn Injury
Circulating Thyroid Hormone Changes in Acute Trauma
Prolonged Tracheal Intubation in the Trauma Patient
Factors Affecting Outcome in Pancreatic Trauma
A Prospective Study of 413 Consecutive Car Occupants with Chest Injuries
Roller Skating Accidents and Injuries
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Penetrating Cardiac Trauma
Farm Machinery Injuries
Treatment of Nonunion of the Tibia with a Capacitively Coupled Electrical Field
Scintigraphic Diagnosis of Stress-induced Incomplete Fractures of the Proximal Tibia
Combined Subclavian Artery and Brachial Plexus Injuries From Blunt Upper-extremity Trauma
Popliteal Arteriovenous Fistula following Meniscectomy
Severe Thoracic and Abdominal Injuries associated with Lap-harness Seatbelts
False Negative Retrograde Cystography with Bladder Rupture Owing to External Trauma
Combined Azygous Vein and Subclavian Artery Injury in Blunt Chest Trauma
Medical Control of Prehospital Care