Early Coverage of Deep Hand Burns with Groin Flaps
The Effect of Burn Wound Size on Resting Energy Expenditure
The Immunosuppressive Activity of Clq Degradation Peptides
Reversal of SAP-induced Immunosuppression and SAP Detection by a Monoclonal Antibody
Fluid Retention and Burn Survival
Protein Loss across Burn Wounds
The Effect of Rapid Resuscitation upon Cardiac following Thermal Trauma in a Porcine Model
Hypertrophic Skin Grafts in Burned Patients: A Prospective Analysis of Variables
Oxygen-derived Free Radical Inhibition in the Healing of Experimental Zone-of-stasis Burns
Biosynthetic Skin Substitute versus Frozen Human Cadaver Allograft for Temporary Coverage of Excised Burn Wounds
Total Body Oxygen Supply-Demand Balance in Burned Patients Under Enflurane Anesthesia
Endotoxin but not Malnutrition Promotes Bacterial Translocation of the Gut Flora in Burned Mice
Interaction of Thromboxane A2 and Tissue Pathology during Graded Bacteremia
Control of Burn Wound Sepsis: A Comparison of in vitro Topical Antimicrobial Assays
Impaired Expression of Interleukin-2 Receptor (IL2R) in the Immunosuppressed Burned Patient: Reversal by Exogenous IL2
Evaluation of a Caloric Requirement Formula in Burned Children Treated with Early Excision
Serial Debridement and Allografting of Facial Burns: A Method of Controlling Spontaneous Healing
Failure of TPN Supplementation to Improve Liver Function, Immunity, and Mortality in Thermally Injured Patients
Effect of Early Excision on Patients with Major Thermal Injury
Determinants of Mortality in Pediatric Patients with Greater than 70% Full-thickness Total Body Surface Area Thermal Injury Treated by Early Total Excision and Grafting
In vivo Monitoring of Postburn Immune Response
The Effect of Burn Wound Excision on Measured Energy Expenditure and Urinary Nitrogen Excretion