Graded Experimental Myocardial Contusion
Central Lung Injuries
Esophageal Perforation following External Blunt Trauma
Severe Hepatic Trauma
Treatment Dilemmas in Laryngotracheal Trauma
Gastrointestinal Disruption
Major Skeletal Injuries in the Obtunded Blunt Trauma Patient
Changes in Extravascular Lung Water and Fatty Acids in a Hyperdynamic Canine Model of Sepsis
Prehospital Venous Access in an Urban Paramedic System-A Prospective On-scene Analysis
Base Deficit as a Guide to Volume Resuscitation
The Role of a Regional Trauma System in the Management of a Mass Disaster
Do Multi-lumen Catheters Increase Central Venous Catheter Sepsis Compared to Single-lumen Catheters?
The Incidence of Injury to the Cervical Spine in Patients with Craniocerebral Injury
Pelvic Crush Injuries with Occlusion of the Iliac Artery
Major Blunt Abdominal Trauma due to Child Abuse
Therapeutic Effects of Silver Nylon Dressings with Weak Direct Current on Pseudomonas aeruginosa-lnfected Burn Wounds
Effectiveness of Implementing a Trauma Triage System on Outcome
Neuromuscular Dysfunction in Burns and its Relationship to Burn Size, Hypermetabolism, and Immunosuppression
Seatbelt Injury to the Abdominal Aorta
effect of acute management in a regional unit on three measure of outcome following traimatic spinal
Multisystem Organ Failure in Burn Patient
Recognition of Thokacic\Lumber Spinal Fracture in the Multiple Trauma Patient
Management of Flait Cheet an Update on Morality and Morattility
A. Neurotrauma Assessment Record
Glasgow Coma Scale and Injury severicy Score
Resuscitation of A Swine Remorrhage Model With Hypertonic Solution
Go Transvascular Forces in the Lung Ever Equilibrate
Pharmacologic Improvement of Anonal Function and Spinal
Intra-Pericardial Trauma
A Profile of Urban Adult Pedestrian Trauma
Cardiac Contustons Diagnossis and Prognosts
Electrical Burn Injuries Ross Tilley Burn Unit a Three Year Review
The Value of the Data Base to Monitor a Burn Unit
Validation of New Formula for Calculating the Energy Requirement of Patients With Burns
Blunt Trauma Sera
Acute Lymphocytosis After Trauma – Early Indentification of the Rich Risk Patient
The Injury Severity Score and Outcome in Patients With Craniocerebral Trauma
Evaulation of Pediatric Trauma Care in Ontario Distinction Between Survivable Injury and Preventable Death
Cataftrophic Spores and Recreation Injuries in Ontario
Hypergiycimia After Trauma Increase With Age
Le Resultat a Long Terme du Traitement Chirurgical Pour Instabilite Chronique de Cheville
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