Ficoll-Hypaque Leukocyte Preparations from Burned Patients Contain Activated Nonlymphoid Cell Populations That Take up Thymidine
Ibuprofen Plus Prostaglandin E1 in a Septic Porcine Model of Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Occult Diaphragmatic Injury from Stab Wounds to the Lower Chest and Abdomen
Comparison of Four Severity Scores in Patients with Head Trauma
The Relationship of Burn-induced Hypermetabolism to Central and Peripheral Catecholamines
Static Stability as a Predictor of Overturn in Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes
Enhancing the Safety of Intraoperative RBC Salvage
Use of the Clyburn External Fixator in Fractures of the Distal Radius
Cervical Spine Immobilization of Penetrating Neck Wounds in a Hostile Environment
Analyses of the Relationship Between Blood Alcohol and Nasal Breath Alcohol Concentrations
A Modified Formula of GIK (Glucose-Insulin-Potassium) Therapy for Treatment of Extensive Burn Injury in Dogs
High-frequency Percussive Ventilation in Patients with Inhalation Injury
Serum Antibody Responses to Pneumococcal Vaccine after Splenic Autotransplantation
Sternal Fractures Associated with Spinal Injury
Postburn Heterotopic Ossification
Ureteral and Renal Pelvic Injuries from External Trauma
Operative Treatment of Acute Hip Fractures
Gastric Mucosal Perfusion and Injury
Intraosseous Crystalloid and Blood Infusion in a Swine Model
An Analysis of 1,423 Facial Fractures in 788 Patients at an Urban Trauma Center
Preservation of Devitalized Calvarium Following High-voltage Electrical Injury
Synchronized Independent Lung Ventilation in the Management of Pediatric Unilateral Pulmonary Contusion
Ipsilateral Traumatic Supracondylar Femoral and Proximal Tibial Fractures following Total Knee Replacement
The Vacuum Arthrogram in the Acutely Injured Knee
Radiolucent Foreign Bodies in the Hand
Palmar Dislocation of the Trapezoid
Traumatic Testicular Torsion
Intravenous Fluid Administration and Uncontrolled Hemorrhage
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