Traumatology Today
The Role of Orthopedic Surgery in Modern Canadian Trauma
Hyperglycemia after Trauma Increases with Age
Evaluation of Pediatric Trauma Care in Ontario
The Sunnybrook Neurotrauma Assessment Record
Intrapericardial Trauma
A Profile of Urban Adult Pedestrian Trauma
The Value of the Glasgow Coma Scale and Injury Severity Score
Acute Lymphocytosis after Trauma—Early Recognition of the High-risk Patient?
Dispelling Fatalism in a Cause-and-Effect World
Effect of Pre-existing Disease on Length of Hospital Stay in Trauma Patients
The Effect of Autopsy on Injury Severity and Survival Probability Calculations
Percutaneous Transtracheal Catheter Ventilation (PTCV) in Complete Airway Obstruction—A Canine Model
Vascular Organ Procurement in the Trauma Population
Emergency Interhospital Transport of the Major Trauma Patient
Presence of Three or More Rib Fractures as an Indicator of Need for Interhospital Transfer
Percutaneous Peritoneal Lavage in Blunt Trauma Patients
Patterns of Maxillofacial Injuries in Restrained and Unrestrained Motor Vehicle Crash Victims
Risk Factors Associated with Intravascular Catheter Infections in Burned Patients
Hypertonic Saline Fluid Therapy Following Surgery
Report from the 1988 Trauma Registry Workshop, Including Recommendations for Hospital-based Trauma Registries
Federal Influences on the Development of Trauma Registers
Somatomedin-A Inhibits Glucagon-stimulated Hepatic Gluconeogenesis
Altered Polymorphonuclear Neutrophilic Granulocyte Functions in Patients with Large Burns
Factors Affecting Rapid Fluid Resuscitation with Large-bore Introducer Catheters
The Role of Intra-aortic Balloon Occlusion in Penetrating Abdominal Trauma
Different Effects of Bleeding and Soft-tissue Trauma on Pulmonary Platelet Trapping in Pigs
A Prospective Double-blind Trial of a Low Molecular Weight Heparin Once Daily Compared with Conventional Low-dose Heparin Three Times Daily to Prevent Pulmonary Embolism and Venous Thrombosis in Patients with Hip Fracture
Traumatic Amputation of the Upper Limb
Rapid Spontaneous Disappearance of an Acute Extradural Hematoma
An Overlapping Pubic Dislocation Treated By Closed Reduction
Floating Dislocated Elbow
Blunt Chest Trauma with Transection of the Azygos Vein
Cervical Injuries—Perils of the Swimmer's View
Hypertonic Saline for Postoperative Fluid Therapy
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