Changing Times
Prospective Evaluation of Epidural and Intravenous Administration of Fentanyl for Pain Control and Restoration of Ventilatory Function Following Multiple Rib Fractures
Comparison of the Ability of Adult and Pediatric Trauma Scores to Predict Pediatric Outcome Following Major Trauma
PMCs—An Alternative to DRGs for Trauma Care Reimbursement
Limitations of the TRISS Method for Interhospital Comparisons
The Use of CT Scanning to Triage Patients Requiring Admission Following Minimal Head Injury
Helicopter Transport of Trauma Victims
The Role of Microvascular Free Flaps in Salvaging Below-knee Amputation Stumps
The Reliability of Physical Examination in the Evaluation of Penetrating Extremity Trauma for Vascular Injury
Vascular Proximity
Non-invasive Vascular Tests Reliably Exclude Occult Arterial Trauma in Injured Extremities
The Effect of Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor (G-CSF) upon Burn-induced Defective Neutrophil Chemotaxis
Role of Gastric Colonization in the Development of Pneumonia in Critically 111 Trauma Patients
Fluid Resuscitation with Deferoxamine Prevents Systemic Burn-induced Oxidant Injury
Interaction of Sodium and Volume in Fluid Resuscitation After Hemorrhage
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A Novel Approach to Military Combat Trauma Education
Exclusion of Cervical Spine Injury
Extra-anatomic Bypass of Failed Traumatic Arterial Repairs
Three Cases of Femoral Head Fracture in a Single Car Accident
Trigger Finger