Violence in America
Coronal Fracture of the Body of the Hamate
Increased Early Postburn Fluid Requirements and Oxygen Demands Are Predictive of the Degree of Airways Injury by Smoke Inhalation
Epidemiology of Trauma Deaths
Negative Laparotomy in Abdominal Gunshot Wounds
Chronic Ethanol Intake and Burn Injury
Fatal Hemorrhage Caused by Vascular Injury Associated with an Acetabular Fracture
Double-Rib Composite Free Transfer to Reconstruct a Single-Spared Lower Extremity Defect
Femoral Torsion after Interlocked Nailing of Unstable Femoral Fractures
Medical Cost Containment
Detection of Acute Bacterial Infection within Soft Tissue Injuries Using a sup 9 sup 9 sup m Tc-Labeled Chemotactic Peptide
Geographic Variation in Preventable Deaths from Motor Vehicle Crashes
A Double-Blinded Prospective Evaluation of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin in Acutely Burned Patients
Anabolic Impact of Cimaterol in Conjunction with Enteral Nutrition following Burn Trauma
Fatal Injuries in Motorcycle Riders According to Helmet Use
Nonoperative Treatment of a Major Hepatic Injury in a Hemophiliac
Percutaneous Cholecystostomy in the Critically III Burn Patient
Torture Rhabdomyorhexis--A Pseudo-Crush Syndrome
Traumatic Separation of the Symphysis Pubis during Pregnancy
Neer's Classification System
Metaphyseal Nonunion
Occult Pseudoaneurysm of the Abdominal Aorta following Gunshot Wound
Extraperitoneal Rectal Gunshot Injuries
Mandatory Toxicology Testing and Chemical Dependence Consultation Follow-up in a Level-One Trauma Center
Delayed Hypertonic Saline Dextran Administration after Burn Injury
A Prospective Investigation of the Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Helmet Use, Injury Severity, Medical Resource Utilization, and Health Care Costs in Bicycle-Related Trauma
Hospital Costs of Firearm Injuries
Histomorphologic Changes in Keloids Treated with Kenacort
Arterivenous Fistula after Interlocking Nailing of the Femur
Advances in Diagnostics and Successful Repair of Proximal Posttraumatic Superior Mesenteric Arteriovenous Fistula
Late Abdominal Complications in War Wounded
Brachial Artery Rupture Associated with Closed Posterior Elbow Dislocation