Driver Fatalities in 1985-1993 Cars with Airbags
Airbag Deployments
Upper Extremity Injuries Related to Airbag Deployments
Airbag Module Cover Injuries
Ocular Injuries Associated with Eyeglass Wear and Airbag Inflation
Airbag Deployment and Eye Perforation by a Tobacco Pipe
Occult Abdominal Injuries to Airbag-Protected Crash Victims
Lower Extremity Injuries in Drivers of Airbag-Equipped Automobiles
Air and Knee Bolster Restraint System
Mechanism of Induction of Asthmatic Attacks Initiated by the Inhalation of Particles Generated by Airbag System Deployment
Physical and Chemical Characterization of Airbag Effluents
The Limitations Of Current Seatbelts In Europe--Some Population Considerations
Restraint Effectiveness, Availability and Use in Fatal Crashes
Vertebral Column Injuries and Lap-Shoulder Belts
The Influence of Increased Roof Strength on Belted and Unbelted Dummies in Rollover and Drop Tests
Humanitarian Benefits of Cadaver Research on Injury Prevention
Research in Biomechanics of Occupant Protection
Automotive Airbag-Related Upper Extremity Injuries
Retinal Hemorrhage Secondary Airbag-Related Ocular Trauma
Accuracy of Emergency Physician Data Collection in Automobile Collisions
Anterior Lung Herniation
Injury Severity and Probability of Survival Assessment in Trauma Patients Using a Predictive Hierarchical Network Model Derived from ICD-9 Codes
Hypertonic Acetate Dextran Achieves High-Flow-Low-Pressure Resuscitation of Hemorrhagic Shock
Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest for Blunt Retrohepatic Venous Injury
Fluid and Electrolyte Deficit with Prolonged Pneumatic Antishock Garment Application
Pneumatic Antishock Garment-Associated Compartment Syndrome in Uninjured Lower Extremities
Subclavian-Carotid Transposition
Clinical Application of the Distally Based Medial Adipofascial Flap for Soft Tissue Defects on the Lower Half of the Leg
Early Diagnosis of Small Intestine Rupture from Blunt Abdominal Trauma Using Computed Tomography
Combined Hepatic Abscess and Arterial Pseudoaneurysms from Blunt Trauma
Open Tibia Fractures in the Splenectomized Trauma Patient
Fracture of the Anterior Colliculus
External Fixation of Open Femoral Shaft Fractures
Posterior Cruciate Avulsion Fracture Associated with a Large Inverted Medial Tibial Osteochondral Fragment
Unusual Posterior Hip Dislocation with Ipsilateral Fractures of the Femoral Neck and Head
Free Flap Reconstructions of Tibial Fractures Complicated after Internal Fixation
Patellar Tendon Rupture in Identical Twins
Intra-articular Histopathologic Changes Secondary to Local Lead Intoxication in Rabbit Knee Joints
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