Training in Wound Ballistics
Wound Ballistics of Unstable Projectiles. Part I
Wound Ballistics of Unstable Projectiles. Part II
Flight Dynamics of Spin-Stabilized Projectiles and the Relationship to Wound Ballistics
Terminal Effects of Bullets Based on Firing Results in Gelatin Medium and on Numerical Modeling
Chest Wall Velocity as a Predictor of Nonauditory Blast Injury in a Complex Wave Environment
Experimental Evaluation of a Rig to Simulate the Response of the Thorax to Blast Loading
New Technology in Wound Ballistics
The Past, Present, and Future of Wound Ballistics Research in China
Analysis of Impact of Rigid Projectiles on Compound Targets
Studies on the Mechanisms of Stress Wave Propagation in the Chest Subjected to Impact and Lung Injuries
The Effect of Indirect Injury to Peripheral Nerves on Wound Healing after Firearm Wounds
Injury to Vascular Endothelial Cells and the Change of Plasma Endothelin Level in Dogs with Gunshot Wounds
Study on Characteristics of Blast-Fragment Combined Injury in Dogs
Experimental Studies on the Hemodynamic Changes after Thoracic Impact Injury
Relationship between the Dynamic Parameters and Injury Severity of Chest Subjected to Impact
Pathologic Study of Thoracic Impact Injury Involving a Movable Impact Pattern
Studies on Lung Injuries Caused by Blast Underpressure
Biological Effects of Weak Blast Waves and Safety Limits for Internal Organ Injury in the Human Body
Pathologic Study of Thoracic Impact Injury Involving a Relatively Static Impact Pattern
Histologic and Ultrastructural Changes of the Spinal Cord after High Velocity Missile Injury to the Back
Morphologic Characteristics of Primary Nonperforative Intestinal Blast Injuries in Rats and Their Evolution to Secondary Perforations
Involvement of the Central Nervous System in the General Response to Pulmonary Blast Injury
Protection of the Lung from Blast Overpressure by Thoracic Stress Wave Decouplers
Pathology Scoring System for Blast Injuries
Subcutaneous Tissue Oxygen Pressure
Absorbable Devices in the Fixation of Fractures
Efficacy of Delayed Administration of Benzylpenicillin in the Control of Infection in Penetrating Soft Tissue Injuries in War
Multiple Organ Injuries and Failures Caused by Shock and Reperfusion after Gunshot Wounds
In Vivo Effects of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha on Incised Wound and Gunshot Wound Healing
Glucose as an Adjunct Triage Tool to the Red Cross Wound Classification
Leukotrienes in the Pathogenesis of Pulmonary Blast Injury
Early Plasma Amino Acid Pool Alterations in Patients with Military Gunshot/Missile Wounds
Combat Eye Injury
Small Fragment Wounds
Analysis of Wounds Incurred by U.S. Army Seventh Corps Personnel Treated in Corps Hospitals during Operation Desert Storm, February 20 to March 10, 1991
Management of Small Fragment Wounds
Treatment of Wounded in the Combat Zone
Frontoethmoidal Fractures as a Result of War Injuries
Management of War Casualties in the Military Medical Academy (Belgrade) during Combat Operations in 1991/1992
Colon and Rectal War Injuries
Spinal Cord Injuries Caused by Missile Weapons in the Croatian War
Management of Gunshot Fractures of the Extremities
Pattern and Mechanism of Traumatic Amputation by Explosive Blast
The Influence of Personal Blast Protection on the Distribution and Severity of Primary Blast Gut Injury
A Retrospective Analysis of 36 Civilian Gunshot Fractures
Truncal Gunshot Wounds in Finland, 1985 to 1989
External Fixation in War Traumatology