Admission Base Deficit Predicts Transfusion Requirements and Risk of Complications
Growth Hormone Impaired Compensation of Hemorrhagic Shock after Trauma and Sepsis in Swine
Diaspirin Cross-Linked Hemoglobin Resuscitation Improves Cerebral Perfusion after Head Injury and Shock
After the Shooting Stops
Guns in Young Hands
The Development of the Functional Capacity Index
Comparison of Volume Control and Pressure Control Ventilation
Hypotension after Blunt Abdominal Trauma
Clinical Analysis of the Utility of Repeat Computed Tomographic Scan before Discharge in Blunt Hepatic Injury
Range of Motion and Complications after Postburn Heterotopic Bone Excision about the Elbow
Pediatric Amputation Injuries
Calcaneal Fractures
Routine Implant Removal after Fracture Surgery
Editorial Comment
Spinal Stability after War Missile Injuries of the Spine
Are Fractures of the Base of the Skull Influenced by the Mass of the Protective Helmet? A Retrospective Study in Fatally Injured Motorcyclists
Pediatric Craniocerebral Wounds from Plastic Bullets
Preventable Prehospital Trauma Deaths in a Hellenic Urban Health Region
Editorial Comment
An Evaluation of Patient Outcomes Comparing Trauma Team Activated Versus Trauma Team not Activated Using TRISS Analysis
Factors that Enhance Continued Trauma Center Participation in Trauma Systems
Appropriate Helicopter Transport of Urban Trauma Patients
Emergency Sleeve Lobectomy after Blunt Chest Trauma in a Child
Transthoracic Bronchial Intubation in a Case of Main Bronchus Disruption
Closed Blunt Chest Trauma Causing Mediastinal Abscess
Traumatic Transdiaphragmatic Intercostal Hernia Secondary to Coughing
Vascular Complications after Femoral Artery Catheterization in Burn Patients
Aortic Dissection after Trauma
Tension Pneumoperitoneum after Blunt Trauma
Conservative Treatment of a Traumatic Tear of the Left Hepatic Duct
Disruption of Cholecystoenteric Fistula Induced by Minor Blunt Trauma
Postrenal Anuria in Pelvic or Acetabular Injury
Severe Head Injury Caused by Airbag Deployment
Pontine-Crossed Paralysis Consequent to Multiple Trauma
Penetrating Trauma with a Meat Thermometer
Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor