Arterial Embolization Is a Rapid and Effective Technique for Controlling Pelvic Fracture Hemorrhage
Noncorrelation between Thoracic Skeletal Injuries and Acute Traumatic Aortic Tear
Value of Thoracic Computed Tomography in the First Assessment of Severely Injured Patients with Blunt Chest Trauma
Outcome after Blunt Traumatic Thoracic Aortic Laceration
Risk-Taking Behaviors among Adolescent Trauma Patients
Analysis of 2,702 Traumatized Patients in the 1995 Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
Fatal Trauma
Early But Not Late Burn Wound Excision Partially Restores Viral-Specific T Lymphocyte Cytotoxicity
Physiologic Hypoalbuminemia Is Well Tolerated by Severely Burned Children
A Novel Model to Study the Effects of Burn Lymph on Pulmonary Vascular Hemodynamic Variables
Analysis of Cellular and Decellular Allogeneic Dermal Grafts for the Treatment of Full-Thickness Wounds in a Porcine Model
Nitric Oxide Production in Burns
Temporal Trends and Geographic Variations in Surgical Treatment of Femoral Neck Fractures
The Functional Outcome of Lower-Extremity Fractures with Vascular Injury
Cross-Leg Free Flaps for Difficult Cases of Leg Defects
Head, Face, and Neck Trauma from Large Animal Injury in New Mexico
Psychological Sequelae of Facial Trauma
Pediatric Polytrauma
Effect of Alcohol on the Utility of Base Deficit in Trauma
Interpretation of the Ws Statistic
Expanding Handgun Bullets
Osteonecrosis Caused by Percutaneous Cerclage Wiring of a Tibial Fracture
Intrahepatic Arterioportal Fistula after Hepatic Gunshot Wound
Endoscopic Treatment of Biliary Colic Resulting from Hemobilia after Nonoperative Management of Blunt Hepatic Injury
The Use of Venovenous Bypass and Total Vascular Isolation of the Liver in the Surgical Management of Juxtahepatic Venous Injuries in Blunt Hepatic Trauma
Endoscopic Treatment of Posttraumatic "Bilhemia"
Traumatic Carotid Artery Dissection of Restrained Driver and Thoracic Aorta Transection of Unrestrained Passenger in a Motor Vehicle Accident
Blunt Popliteal Artery Injury
Endovascular Treatment of Traumatic Aneurysms of the Superficial Temporal Artery
Isolated Stab Wound to the Artery of Adamkiewicz
Traumatic Intraparenchymal Splenic Pseudoaneurysms in a Child
A Coincidence of Disastrous Accidents
Enduring Grief
Jonathan E. Rhoads, M.D.
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Letters to the Editor
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