Introduction to the Academic Symposium to Evaluate Evidence Regarding the Efficacy of Trauma Systems
A Historical Perspective of Trauma System Development in the United States
Update on Trauma System Development in the United States
Community-Based Trauma System Development: Key Barriers and Facilitating Factors
Systematic Review of Published Evidence Regarding Trauma System Effectiveness
Review of Evidence Regarding Trauma System Effectiveness Resulting from Panel Studies
Use of Panel Study Methods
Invited Commentary: Panel Reviews of Trauma Mortality
Systematic Review of Trauma System Effectiveness Based on Registry Comparisons
Summary of the Discussion: Trauma Registry Data and TRISS Evidence
Population-Based Research Assessing the Effectiveness of Trauma Systems
Summary of the Discussion: What Have We Learned about Population-Based Investigations?
Assessing the Effectiveness and Optimal Structure of Trauma Systems: A Consensus among Experts
Research Recommendations and Proposed Action Items to Facilitate Trauma System Implementation and Evaluation
Video Address to the Skamania Trauma Symposium
Dinner Address: Trauma Care Systems-What's the Catch?
Pediatric Trauma Systems: Critical Distinctions
Toward a New Millennium in Pediatric Trauma Care
Comparing Institutional Trauma Survival to a Standard: Current Limitations and Suggested Alternatives
An Economic Evaluation of Trauma Care in a Canadian Lead Trauma Hospital
The Value of Quality-Adjusted Life Years: Commentary on Séguin et al.
Trauma System Development: The Critical Need for Regional Needs Assessments
Reflections on the Skamania Conference: An Emergency Physician's Perspective
Toward the All-Inclusive Trauma System
American College of Emergency Physicians Policy Statement: Trauma Care Systems Development, Evaluation and Funding