Trauma Centers and Trauma Surgeons: Have We Become Too Specialized?
Persistent Occult Hypoperfusion Is Associated with a Significant Increase in Infection Rate and Mortality in Major Trauma Patients
An Examination of the Volume-Mortality Relationship for New York State Trauma Centers
Effectiveness of State Trauma Systems in Reducing Injury-Related Mortality: A National Evaluation
Neutrophil Mediated Remote Organ Injury after Lower Torso Ischemia and Reperfusion Is Selectin and Complement Dependent
Impact of Burn Injury on Hepatic TGF-β1 Expression and Plasma TGF-β1 Levels
Hypertonic Saline Resuscitation Abrogates Neutrophil Priming by Mesenteric Lymph
Age-Related Differences in the Metabolic Response to Injury
Should Normothermia Be Restored and Maintained during Resuscitation after Trauma and Hemorrhage?
Approach to the Management of Complex Hepatic Injuries
Use of the Capture-Recapture Method to Estimate Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Rates
Accounting for Intubation Status in Predicting Mortality for Victims of Motor Vehicle Crashes
Anatomic Basis of Safe Percutaneous Subclavian Venous Catheterization
New Technique for Treatment of Unstable Distal Femur Fractures by Locked Double-Plating: Case Report and Biomechanical Evaluation
Biomechanical Analysis of the Medoff Sliding Plate
Effects of Inhalation of Corticosteroids Immediately after Experimental Chlorine Gas Lung Injury
Alcohol Problems in Women Admitted to a Level I Trauma Center: A Gender-Based Comparison
Screening Trauma Patients for Alcohol Problems: Are Insurance Companies Barriers?
Low-Cost Improvements in Prehospital Trauma Care in a Latin American City
Taking Care of the “Good Guys:” A Trauma Center–Based Model of Medical Support for Tactical Law Enforcement
Medical Care Solicitation by Criminals with Gunshot Wound Injuries: A Survey of Washington, DC, Jail Detainees
Urologic Complications of Diastasis of the Pubic Symphysis: A Trauma Case Report and Review of World Literature
Choledochocaval Fistula as a Result of a Right Flank Stab Wound: Case Report
Dislodgment of Inferior Vena Cava Filters during Central Line Placement: Case Report
Endovascular Treatment of a Ruptured Intracranial Dissecting Vertebral Aneurysm in a Kickboxer
Immediate Pulmonary Embolism after Trauma: Case Report
Visceral Pleural Lung Graft for Myocardial Injury: Case Report
Review of Tricuspid Valve Injury after Airbag Deployment: Presentation of a Case and Discussion of Mechanism of Injury
Acute Mediastinal Tamponade Secondary to Blunt Sternal Fracture
Intra-articular Dislocation of the Patella
Comminuted Pelvic Ring Disruption in Toddlers: Management of a Rare Injury
Granulocytes, Including Neutrophils, Synthesize IL-10 after Traumatic Pancreatitis: Case Report
Delayed Small Bowel Injury as a Result of Penetrating Extraperitoneal High-Velocity Ballistic Trauma to the Abdomen
Frostbite: Pathogenesis and Treatment
Properties of Calcium Phosphate Ceramics in Relation to Their In Vivo Behavior
The Image of Trauma
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