Blunt Bowel and Mesenteric Injuries: The Role of Screening Computed Tomography
Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) in the Assessment of Pancreatic Duct Trauma and Its Sequelae: Preliminary Findings
Identification of Trauma Patients at Risk of Thoracic Aortic Tear by Mechanism of Injury
Family Presence during Trauma Resuscitation: A Survey of AAST and ENA Members
Cerebral Oxygenation during Hemorrhagic Shock: Perils of Hyperventilation and the Therapeutic Potential of Hypoventilation
Prehospital Hypotension as a Valid Indicator of Trauma Team Activation
Rib Fractures in the Elderly
Fall Injuries in the Pediatric Population: Safer and Most Cost-Effective Management
Hyperthermic Resuscitation Is Safe and Effective after Hemorrhagic Shock in Dogs
Influence of Etiology in Heterotopic Bone Formation of the Hip
Biomechanical Comparison for Different Configurations of Tension Band Wiring Techniques in Treating an Olecranon Fracture
Intraosseous Infusion Devices: A Comparison for Potential Use in Special Operations
Effects of Physiologic Albumin and Hespan Levels on Hepatocytes In Vitro
Effect of Leukocyte-Endothelial Adhesion Antagonism on Neutrophil Migration and Neurologic Outcome after Cortical Trauma
Open or Closed Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage for Abdominal Trauma? A Meta-Analysis
Major Life Events as Antecedents to Hip Fracture
Value of Point-of-Care Blood Testing in Emergent Trauma Management
Risk of Injury through Snowboarding
Effects of Blast Exposure on Exercise Performance in Sheep
Effects of Blood Resuscitation versus Dextran Resuscitation after Hemorrhage on Intrinsic Myocardial Function
Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Blunt Aortic Injury: An EAST Practice Management Guidelines Work Group
Popliteal Artery Trauma in a Forward Deployed Mobile Army Surgical Hospital: Lessons Learned from the War in Kosovo
Incarceration of the Basilar Artery in a Longitudinal Fracture of the Clivus: Case Report and Literature Review
Two Cases of Blunt Hepatic Injury with Active Bleeding from the Right Inferior Phrenic Artery
Obliteration of a Late Traumatic Posterior Tibial Artery Pseudoaneurysm by Duplex Compression
Stab Wounds to the Head with Intracranial Penetration
Emergent Thoracotomy for Airway Control after Intrathoracic Tracheal Injury
A Lucky Case of Penetrating Injury of the Low Chest
The Image of Trauma
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