Injury in America: The Role of Alcohol and Other Drugs— An EAST Position Paper Prepared by the Injury Control and Violence Prevention Committee
Association of Alcohol Use and Other High-Risk Behaviors among Trauma Patients
Do Accidents Happen Accidentally? A Study of Trauma Registry and Periodical Examination Database
Crash Severity, Injury Patterns, and Helmet Use in Adolescent Motorcycle Riders
Apoptosis in Atrophic Skeletal Muscle Induced by Brachial Plexus Injury in Rats
Evaluation and Management of Traumatic Posterior Urethral Disruption with Flexible Cystourethroscopy
The Incidence of Combined Facial and Cervical Spine Injuries
The Functional Outcome with Metallic Radial Head Implants in the Treatment of Unstable Elbow Fractures: A Long-Term Review
An Easy and Versatile Method of Coverage for Distal Tibial Soft Tissue Defects
Salvaged Limbs after Tibial Shaft Fractures with Extensive Soft-Tissue Injury: A Biopsychosocial Function Analysis
Reaming Debris in Osteotomized Sheep Tibiae
Peroneus Brevis Tendon Transfer in Neglected Tears of the Achilles Tendon
Ocular Complications of Thermal Injury: A 3-Year Retrospective
Different Hypotensive Responses to Intravenous Bovine and Human Thrombin Preparations in Swine
The Impact of Major In-Hospital Complications on Functional Outcome and Quality of Life after Trauma
Do Pediatric Trauma Centers Have Better Survival Rates than Adult Trauma Centers? An Examination of the National Pediatric Trauma Registry
Enhanced Expression of Heat Shock Proteins in Leukocytes from Trauma Patients
2,576 Ultrasounds for Blunt Abdominal Trauma
Fatal Blunt Aortic Injuries: A Review of 242 Autopsy Cases
Geriatric Falls: Injury Severity Is High and Disproportionate to Mechanism
A Tracheostomy Complication Resulting from Acquired Tracheomalacia: Case Report
Localized Autonomic Abnormality: Another Clinical Marker of Blunt Cervical Vascular Injury?
Manual of Emergency Airway Management
Gunshot Wound to the Head Resulting in a Vertebral Artery Pseudoaneurysm at the Base of the Skull
Blunt Injury of the Intrapericardial Great Vessels
Intraluminal Shunt Placement and Off-Pump Coronary Revascularization for Coronary Artery Stab Wound
Iatrogenic Intrapericardial Diaphragmatic Hernia Associated with Cardiac Tamponade
False Aneurysm of the Thoracic Aorta Associated with an Aorto-Chest Wall Fistula after Spinal Instrumentation
Renal Vein Thrombosis after Martial Arts Trauma
Traumatic Pneumothorax Ex Vacuo
Thoracic Splenosis 25 Years after Gunshot Wound to the Abdomen
Chronic Knee Fracture Dislocation Treated by the Ilizarov Technique: Case Report
A New Type of Triplane Fracture in a 19-Year-Old Snowboarder
Intrathecal Baclofen after Traumatic Brain Injury: Early Treatment Using a New Technique to Prevent Spasticity
Extraterrestrial Resuscitation of Hemorrhagic Shock: Fluids
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