Tactical Combat Casualty Care: Combining Good Medicine with Good Tactics
Passing the Torch
Combat Fluid Resuscitation: Introduction and Overview of Conferences
A Profile of Combat Injury
“Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!”: To Teach or Not to Teach, That Is the Question—Intravenous Fluid Resuscitation Training for Combat Lifesavers
Recent Developments in European Colloid Solutions
Fluid Resuscitation: The Target from an Analysis of Trauma Systems and Patient Survival
Fluid Resuscitation in the Canadian Forces
Fluid Resuscitation Strategies in the Israeli Army
Small-Volume Fluid Resuscitation for the Far-Forward Combat Environment: Current Concepts
Fluid Resuscitation in Modern Combat Casualty Care: Lessons Learned from Somalia
Searching for the Optimal Resuscitation Method: Recommendations for the Initial Fluid Resuscitation of Combat Casualties
Endpoints for Fluid Resuscitation in Hemorrhagic Shock
A Review of Studies on the Effects of Hemorrhagic Shock and Resuscitation on the Coagulation Profile
Physiology of Colloid-Supplemented Resuscitation from Shock
Crystalloids and Colloids in Trauma Resuscitation: A Brief Overview of the Current Debate
Hypertonic Resuscitation: Physiologic Mechanisms and Recommendations for Trauma Care
Animal Models for Hemorrhage and Resuscitation Research
Blood Substitutes and Experimental Models of Trauma
Blood Pressure at which Rebleeding Occurs after Resuscitation in Swine with Aortic Injury
Endocrine Targets in Experimental Shock
Endogenous Opioid Analgesia in Hemorrhagic Shock
Hypertonic Saline and the Microcirculation
Ringer’s Ethyl Pyruvate Solution: A Novel Resuscitation Fluid for the Treatment of Hemorrhagic Shock and Sepsis
Efficacy of Hypertonic Saline Dextran Fluid Resuscitation for Patients with Hypotension from Penetrating Trauma
Vasopressin Deficiency in the Syndrome of Irreversible Shock
The Use of Volume Kinetics to Optimize Fluid Therapy
Effects of Crystalloid and Colloid Resuscitation on Hemorrhage-Induced Vascular Hyporesponsiveness to Norepinephrine in the Rat
Cellular Energetics in Hemorrhagic Shock: Restoring Adenosine Triphosphate to the Cells
Resuscitating Hypothermic Dogs after 2 Hours of Circulatory Arrest Below 6°C
Near-Infrared Spectroscopy-Guided Closed-Loop Resuscitation of Hemorrhage
Oxygen Therapeutics in Trauma and Surgery
Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Resuscitation
Modeling the Two-Hit Hypothesis for Evaluating Strategies to Prevent Organ Injury after Shock/Resuscitation
Burns: Military Options and Tactical Solutions
The Tourniquet Controversy
Tourniquets for Hemorrhage Control on the Battlefield: A 4-Year Accumulated Experience
Crush Injury and Crush Syndrome: A Review
Trauma Fluid Resuscitation in 2010