Endovascular Stent Grafts and Aortic Rupture: A Case Series
Cervical Spine Fracture Patterns Predictive of Blunt Vertebral Artery Injury
Blunt Vascular Trauma in the Extremity: Diagnosis, Management, and Outcome
A Prospective Assessment of Diagnostic Efficacy of Blind Protective Bronchial Brushings Compared to Bronchoscope-Assisted Lavage, Bronchoscope-Directed Brushings, and Blind Endotracheal Aspirates in Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
Absorbable Plates for Rib Fracture Repair: Preliminary Experience
Taming of the Screw: A Case Report and Literature Review of Limb-Threatening Complications after Plate Osteosynthesis of a Clavicular Nonunion
Traumatic Brain Injury and Automotive Design: Making Motor Vehicles Safer
National Survey of Trauma Surgeons’ Use of Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention
The Impact of Intra-abdominal Hypertension on Gene Expression in the Kidney
Are Automated Blood Pressure Measurements Accurate in Trauma Patients?
A Portable Handpump Is Effective in the Evacuation of Hemothorax in a Swine Model of Penetrating Chest Injury
Survival after a Documented 19-Story Fall: A Case Report
Low-Volume Resuscitation with a Polymerized Bovine Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen-Carrying Solution (HBOC-201) Provides Adequate Tissue Oxygenation for Survival in a Porcine Model of Controlled Hemorrhage
The Effect of Temperature and pH on the Activity of Factor VIIa: Implications for the Efficacy of High-Dose Factor VIIa in Hypothermic and Acidotic Patients
End-Tidal CO2-Arterial CO2 Differences: A Useful Intraoperative Mortality Marker in Trauma Surgery
Predictors of Morbidity after Traumatic Pancreatic Injury
Colon Injury after Blunt Abdominal Trauma: Results of the EAST Multi-institutional Hollow Viscus Injury Study
Daily Multidisciplinary Rounds Shorten Length of Stay for Trauma Patients
Educating Grade School Children Using a Structured Bicycle Safety Program
A Fresh Set of Survival Risk Ratios Derived from Incidents in the National Trauma Data Bank from which the ICISS May Be Calculated
Independently Derived Survival Risk Ratios Yield Better Estimates of Survival than Traditional Survival Risk Ratios When Using the ICISS
The Prevalence and Predictors of Helmet Use by Skiers and Snowboarders at Ski Areas in Western North America in 2001
An Analysis of Hip Dislocations among Snowboarders and Skiers: A 10-Year Prospective Study from 1992 to 2002
Outcomes in Open Tibia Fractures: Relationship between Delay in Treatment and Infection
The Incidence of Neurovascular Injury during External Fixator Placement without Radiographic Assistance for Lower Extremity Diaphyseal Fractures: A Cadaveric Study
The Tibialis Anterior Used as a Local Muscle Flap Over the Tibia After Soft Tissue Loss
Sacroiliac Screw Fixation for Tile B Fractures
Treatment of Posterior Epiphyseal Disruption of the Medial Clavicle with a Modified Balser Plate
Endovascular Treatment of a Pseudoaneurysm of the Subclavian Artery
Traumatic Renal Artery Pseudoaneurysm: Diagnosis and Management Techniques
Paradoxical Bullet Embolus from the Vena Cava: A Case Report
Portal Venous Gas after Blunt Trauma: A Case Report
Traumatic Lumbar Hernia with Ureteropelvic Junction Disruption: Case Report and Review of the Literature
Intracolonic Obstruction Induced by a Retained Surgical Sponge after Trauma Laparotomy
A New Traumatic Agent: Snooker Cue Causing Perforation of the Hypopharynx—Case Report
Central Myonecrosis in a Patient with Group A Beta-Hemolytic Streptococcus Toxic Shock Syndrome
Sepsis, Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome, and Multiple Organ Failure: Are Trauma Surgeons Lumpers or Splitters?
A Technique of Surgical Closure of Complex Intestinal Fistulae in the Open Abdomen
Incidental Blunt Carotid Injuries Found on Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Angiography (MRI/MRA)
Hyoid Bone Fracture from a Gunshot Wound
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