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Trauma and Emergency Surgery: An Evolutionary Direction for Trauma Surgeons
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Legal Prosecution of Alcohol-Impaired Drivers Admitted to a Level I Trauma Center in Rhode Island
Outcome of Tracheobronchial Injuries: A Long-Term Perspective
The Long-Term Effect of Oxandrolone on Hepatic Acute Phase Proteins in Severely Burned Children
Patterns of Microbiology in Intra-abdominal Packing for Trauma
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Falling Down and Falling Out: Management and Outcome Analysis
Specific Occupant and Collision Characteristics Are Associated with Motor Vehicle Collision-Related Blunt Cerebrovascular Artery Injury
The Epidemiology of Serious and Fatal Injury in San Diego County Over an 11-Year Period
The Combination of Platelet-Enriched Autologous Plasma with Bovine Collagen and Thrombin Decreases the Need for Multiple Blood Transfusions in Trauma Patients with Retroperitoneal Bleeding
Blunt Diaphragmatic Rupture in Children
Pelvic Fractures and Associated Injuries in Children
Effective Use of the Air Ambulance for Pediatric Trauma
Impact of Helicopter Transport and Hospital Level on Mortality of Polytrauma Patients
Establishment of a Teaching Animal Model for Sonographic Diagnosis of Trauma
Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Induces the Production of Biologically Active Intestinal Lymph
Imipenem Levels Are Not Predictable in the Critically Ill Patient
Alterations in Resistin Expression After Thermal Injury
Intravenous Catheter Complications in the Hand and Forearm
The Death of Articular Chondrocytes after Intra-articular Fracture in Humans
Bedside Fluoroscopic Flexion and Extension Cervical Spine Radiographs for Clearance of the Cervical Spine in Comatose Trauma Patients
Evaluation of Management of Road Trauma Survivors with Brain Injury and Neurologic Disability in Victoria
Distribution and Determinants of Health and Work Status in a Comprehensive Population of Injury Patients
Comparison of the New Injury Severity Score and the Injury Severity Score
Judging Trauma Center Quality: Does It Depend on the Choice of Outcomes?
A Resource-Based Assessment of Trauma Care in the United States
Bickerstaff’s Brain Stem Encephalitis after a Motor Vehicle Crash
Traumatic Lumbar Nerve Root Avulsion: Evaluation Using Electrodiagnostic Studies and Magnetic Resonance Myelography
Current Management of Laryngotracheal Trauma: CASE-REPORT and Literature Review
Blunt Avulsion of the Right Inferior Pulmonary Vein
Delayed Abdominal Aortic Rupture in a Child with a Seat-Belt Sign and Review of the Literature
Isolated Pediatric Peripheral Vascular Injury Caused by Blunt Trauma: A New Occurrence
Diagnosis of Posttraumatic Transverse Sinus Thrombosis with Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Magnetic Resonance Venography: Report of Two Cases
Intracorporeal Use of the Hemostatic Agent QuickClot in a Coagulopathic Patient with Combined Thoracoabdominal Penetrating Trauma
Restrictive Strabismus after Blow-Out Orbital Fracture in Children: Is the Muscle Involved?
Blunt Pericardial Rupture with Cardiac Herniation: Unusual Radiographic Findings
Cardiac Tamponade and Sternal Fracture
Abstracts of Papers Presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Trauma Association of Canada
Abstracts of Papers to Be Presented at the Seventeenth Annual Scientific Meeting of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma