Effectiveness of Brief Interventions After Alcohol-Related Vehicular Injury: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs Work
Splenic Artery Embolization: Have We Gone Too Far?
The CT Risk Factors for the Need of Operative Treatment in Initially Hemodynamically Stable Patients After Blunt Hepatic Trauma
Residents Managed Trauma Adequately Using Their Own Radiological Interpretation as Compared With “Nighthawk” Radiologists
Indications for CT Scanning in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Cost-Effectiveness Study
Retrospective Evaluation of Anemia and Transfusion in Traumatic Brain Injury
Obesity and Traumatic Brain Injury
Delayed Intracranial Complications After Concussion
Blind Subxiphoid Pericardiotomy for Cardiac Tamponade Because of Acute Hemopericardium
An Experimental Cadaveric Study for a Better Understanding of Blunt Traumatic Aortic Rupture
Crash Analysis of Lower Extremity Injuries in Children Restrained in Forward-facing Car Seats During Front and Rear Impacts
Gene Therapy with Lipopolysaccharide Binding Protein for Gram-Negative Pneumonia: Respiratory Physiology
Radiation Exposure in Trauma Patients
Multiple, Simultaneous Trauma Patients: Are They Worse Off?
Enhanced Expression of Intracellular Heme Oxygenase-1 in Deactivated Monocytes From Patients With Severe Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
Acidosis Impairs the Coagulation: A Thromboelastographic Study
Arterial Pulse Pressure and Its Association With Reduced Stroke Volume During Progressive Central Hypovolemia
Evaluation of Skin Perfusion by Use of Indocyanine Green Video Angiography: Rational Design and Planning of Trauma Surgery
Local Cooling Restores Microcirculatory Hemodynamics after Closed Soft-Tissue Trauma in Rats
The Role of Bifidobacteria in Gut Barrier Function After Thermal Injury in Rats
Uterine Trauma in Pregnancy After Motor Vehicle Crashes with Airbag Deployment: A 30-Case Series
Internal Fracture Fixation Using the Stoppa Approach in Pelvic Ring and Acetabular Fractures: Technical Aspects and Operative Results
A Biomechanical Comparison of Two Volar Locked Plates in a Dorsally Unstable Distal Radius Fracture Model
Outcome of Open Release for Post-Traumatic Elbow Stiffness
Prospective Evaluation of a Critical Care Pathway for Clearance of the Cervical Spine Using the Bolster and Active Range-of-Motion Flexion/Extension Techniques
Risk of Thoracolumbar Fractures Doubled in Victims of Motor Vehicle Collisions With Cervical Spine Fractures
Early Predictors of Long-Term Work Disability After Major Limb Trauma
Incidence and Propagation of Infrageniculate Deep Venous Thrombosis in Trauma Patients
A New Approach to Outcome Prediction in Trauma: A Comparison With the TRISS Model
Different AIS Triplets: Different Mortality Predictions in Identical ISS and NISS
Unification of the Revised Trauma Score
Pilot Study on the Comprehensive Economic Costs of Major Trauma: Consequential Costs Are Well in Excess of Medical Costs
Use of Ipsilateral Superficial Femoral Vein for Common Femoral Vein Reconstruction After Trauma: A Useful Approach in Selected Cases
Two-Stage Reconstruction of the Superior Vena Cava After Gunshot to the Chest
Modified Rapid Deployment Hemostat Terminates Bleeding From Hepatic Rupture in Third Trimester
Pericardial Tamponade With a Positive Abdominal FAST Scan in Blunt Chest Trauma
Delayed Massive Pleural Effusion After Scoliosis Correction and Thoracoplasty: A Case Report
Degloving Injury of Pelvis Treated by Internal Fixation and Omental Flap Reconstruction
Trans-Orbital Foreign Body With Intracranial Extension
The Wire-Guided Endobronchial Blocker: Applications in Trauma Patients Beyond Mere Single-Lung Ventilation
Tyrolean Tensiometer: A New Instrument for Easy Intraoperative Tension Measurement Before Nerve Coaptation
Critical Care Review
Serial Computed Tomographic Scans Document Healing of Solid Organ Injury in a Trauma Patient with Multiple Injuries
Abdominal Wall Injury Perpetrated by a Shark
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