Whole Blood Leukocyte Mitogen Activated Protein Kinases Activation Differentiates Intensive Care Unit Patients With Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and Sepsis
Heart Rate: Is It Truly a Vital Sign?
Hypertonic Saline and Pentoxifylline Attenuates Gut Injury After Hemorrhagic Shock: The Kinder, Gentler Resuscitation
A Ten-Year Retrospective Review: Does Pyloric Exclusion Improve Clinical Outcome After Penetrating Duodenal and Combined Pancreaticoduodenal Injuries?
Preperitonal Pelvic Packing for Hemodynamically Unstable Pelvic Fractures: A Paradigm Shift
Extraperitoneal Pelvic Packing: A Salvage Procedure to Control Massive Traumatic Pelvic Hemorrhage
Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage: is 100,000 RBCs a Valid Figure for Penetrating Abdominal Trauma?
Severity of Burn Injury and Sepsis Determines the Cytokine Responses of Bone Marrow Progenitor-Derived Macrophages
Recombinant Activated Factor VII Increases Survival Time in a Model of Incompressible Arterial Hemorrhage in the Anesthetized Pig
Pretreatment With Pro- and Synbiotics Reduces Peritonitis-Induced Acute Lung Injury in Rats
Therapeutic Endovascular Treatments for Traumatic Vertebral Artery Injuries
The Utility of the Anterolateral Thigh Donor Site in Reconstructing the United States Trauma Patient
The Value of Multidetector Row Computed Tomography in the Diagnosis of Traumatic Clivus Epidural Hematoma in Children: A Three-Year Experience
Use of Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound for Posttraumatic Nonunions of the Tibia: A Review of Patients Treated in The Netherlands
Long Bone Fractures Caused by Penetrating Injuries in Terrorists Attacks
Trimed Fixation System for Displaced Fractures of the Distal Radius
Determinants of Long-Term Functional Consequences After Major Trauma
Hemodynamic Patterns Preceding Circulatory Deterioration and Death After Trauma
Evidence-Based Validation of the Predictive Value of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Kidney Injury Scale
Predictive Model for Estimating Risk of Crush Syndrome: A Data Mining Approach
Usefulness of the Abbreviated Injury Score and the Injury Severity Score in Comparison to the Glasgow Coma Scale in Predicting Outcome After Traumatic Brain Injury
A Crisis in the Delivery of Care to Patients With Brain Injuries in South Texas
Predicting Trauma Inpatient Mortality in an Administrative Database: An Investigation of Survival Risk Ratios Using New York Data
The Reasons Families Donate Organs for Transplantation: Implications for Policy and Practice
Intrahepatic Gas at Postmortem Computed Tomography: Forensic Experience as a Potential Guide for In Vivo Trauma Imaging
Analysis of Injury- and Violence-Related Fatalities in the Ohio Medicaid Population: Identifying Opportunities for Prevention
Risk-Inducing Activities Leading to Injuries in a Child and Adolescent Population of Germany
Evaluation of the Relationship Between Mechanism of Injury and Outcome in Pediatric Trauma
The Consequences of High-Risk Behaviors: Trauma During Pregnancy
Attempted Suicide and the Elderly Trauma Patient: Risk Factors and Outcomes
Household Firearm Ownership and Rates of Suicide Across the 50 United States
Traumatic Thoracic Aortic Pseudocoarctation Treated With an Endograft
Traumatic Abdominal Aortic Dissection in a Child
Survival After Simultaneous Blunt Injury to the Ascending Aorta and Transverse Arch
Endoscopic Management of Traumatic Hemobilia
Late Presentation of a Hepatic Pseudoaneurysm With Hemobilia After Angioembolization for Blunt Hepatic Trauma
A Neglected Retained Penrose Drain Mimicking an Amputation Stump Neuroma
Iatrogenic Arteriovenous Fistula After Trans-Heel Traction Pin: A Case Report
Sir Ivan Magill: The Right Physician in the Right Place at the Right Time
Soft Palatal Injury Resulting From an Unusual Fishhook in a Child
Traumatic Perforation of Tympanic Membrane by Cotton Tipped Applicator
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