Evidence-Based Medical Information Technology: The Next Generation
Ruminations at Sunset
Quantity and Quality of Sleep in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit: Are Our Patients Sleeping?
What Happened to Total Parenteral Nutrition? The Disappearance of its Use in a Trauma Intensive Care Unit
The Intestinal Epithelial Cell Modulates the Effect of Alcohol on Neutrophil Inflammatory Potential
Traumatic Intrahepatic Portosystemic Venous Shunt: A Rare Complication of Grade V Liver Laceration
Effect of Maleimide-Polyethylene Glycol Hemoglobin (MP4) on Hemodynamics and Acid-Base Status After Uncontrolled Hemorrhage in Anesthetized Swine: Comparison With Crystalloid and Blood
Hypovolemic Shock Evaluated by Sonographic Measurement of the Inferior Vena Cava During Resuscitation in Trauma Patients
Clinical Study and Comparison of Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) and Angiography Diagnosis of Blunt Vertebral Artery Injury
Early Coagulopathy After Traumatic Brain Injury: The Role of Hypoperfusion and the Protein C Pathway
Racial Disparities in Long-Term Functional Outcome After Traumatic Brain Injury
Using a Cost-Benefit Analysis to Estimate Outcomes of a Clinical Treatment Guideline: Testing the Brain Trauma Foundation Guidelines for the Treatment of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Tibiotalar Arthrodesis Using a Custom Blade Plate
Biologic Plating Versus Intramedullary Nailing for Comminuted Subtrochanteric Fractures in Young Adults: A Prospective, Randomized Study of 66 Cases
Isolated Thoracolumbar Transverse Process Fractures: Call Physical Therapy, Not Spine
Side Impact Causes Multiplanar Cervical Spine Injuries
The Effect of Early Surgical Treatment of Traumatic Spine Injuries on Patient Mortality
Internal Fixation of Unstable Proximal Humerus Fractures With an Anatomically Preshaped Interlocking Plate: A Clinical and Radiologic Evaluation
Use of Calcium-Based Demineralized Bone Matrix/Allograft for Nonunions and Posttraumatic Reconstruction of the Appendicular Skeleton: Preliminary Results and Complications
Repeat Bronchoalveolar Lavage to Guide Antibiotic Duration for Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
Preventable or Potentially Preventable Mortality at a Mature Trauma Center
Elderly Hip Fracture Patients Admitted to the Trauma Service: Does it Impact Patient Outcome?
Early Hyperglycemic Control is Important in Critically Injured Trauma Patients
Increased Rural Vehicular Mortality Rates: Roadways With Higher Speed Limits or Excessive Vehicular Speed?
Ethnic Disparities in Long-Term Functional Outcomes After Traumatic Brain Injury
Perceptions and Realities of Testing for Alcohol and Other Drugs in Trauma Patients
Can the Modified Functional Independence Measure be Reliably Obtained From the Patient Medical Record by Different Raters?
Successful Management of Pediatric Cardiac Contusion With Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Pediatric Blunt Abdominal Aortic Injuries: Case Report and Review of the Literature
Delayed Presentation of Posttraumatic Internal Pudendal Artery-Urethral Fistula Treated by Selective Embolization
Nonoperative Management of Post-Traumatic Pulmonary Pseudocyst After Severe Thoracic Trauma and Hemorrhage by Coagulation Management, Kinetic Therapy, and Control of Secondary Infection: A Case Report
Isolated Cerebral Fat Emboli Syndrome in Multiply Injured Patients: A review of Three Cases and the Literature
Survival of an Elderly Patient With Blunt Traumatic Cardiac Rupture
Type V Physeal Injury
Recurrent Post-traumatic Cardiac Tamponade as a Presentation of Hypothyroidism: A Forgotten Disease
Successful Management of a Trauma Patient With Pulmonary Hemorrhage Using a Wire-Guided Bronchial Blocker
Indications for Thoracic Needle Decompression
Liver Packing: a Variation of an Old Technique
The “T” in Trauma: the Helper T-cell Response and the Role of Immunomodulation in Trauma and Burn Patients
Medial Tibial Plateau Fractures: a New Classification System
Current Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 4th ed.
A Camel Bite Breaking the Neck and Causing Brain Infarction
Prevertebral Soft Tissue Swelling as a Clue for Spinal Cord Injury: Case Illustration
Abstracts of Papers to Be Presented at the Twenty-First Annual Scientific Meeting of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma
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