Supplement on Pediatric Trauma Care
Pediatric Trauma Care: Defining a Research Agenda
The National Study on Costs and Outcomes of Trauma
Traumatic Injury and Children: A National Assessment
Discussion of Presentations by MacKenzie and Guice
Prior Studies Comparing Outcomes From Trauma Care at Children's Hospitals Versus Adult Hospitals
Discussion of Presentations by Jurkovich and Ford
Comparing Processes of Pediatric Trauma Care at Children's Hospitals Versus Adult Hospitals
Role of the Pediatric Intensivist in the Management of Pediatric Trauma
Discussion of Presentations by Stylianos and by Dean
Measuring the Cost-Effectiveness of Technologic Change in the Treatment of Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
Discussion after Presentation by Tilford
Measuring Children's Health-Related Quality of Life After Trauma
Discussion of Presentation by McCarthy
Effect of Emergency Department Care on Outcomes in Pediatric Trauma: What Approaches Make a Difference in Quality of Care?
Improving Outcomes in Pediatric Trauma Care: Essential Characteristics of the Trauma Center
Pediatric Intensive Care Quality Factors
Ethical Considerations About Observational Research in Children
Discussion of Presentation by Wilfond
Towards Improving the Outcomes of Injured Children