Optimal Timing of Fracture Fixation: Have We Learned Anything In the Past 20 Years?
Postinjury Life Threatening Coagulopathy: Is 1:1 Fresh Frozen Plasma: Packed Red Blood Cells the Answer?
Review of Current Blood Transfusions Strategies in a Mature Level I Trauma Center: Were We Wrong for the Last 60 Years?
Age of Transfused Blood: An Independent Predictor of Mortality Despite Universal Leukoreduction
Improved Survival of Critically Ill Trauma Patients Treated With Recombinant Human Erythropoietin
Four Years of an Aggressive Prophylaxis and Screening Protocol for Venous Thromboembolism in a Large Trauma Population
Preemptive Antibiotic Treatment Based on Gram Staining Reduced the Incidence of ARDS in Mechanically Ventilated Patients
A Decade's Experience With Temporary Intravascular Shunts at a Civilian Level I Trauma Center
Brachial Artery Injuries in a Rural Catchment Trauma Center: Are the Upper and Lower Extremity the Same?
Optimal Management Strategy for Incidental Findings in Trauma Patients: An Initiative for Midlevel Providers
Temporary Abdominal Closure Techniques: A Prospective Randomized Trial Comparing Polyglactin 910 Mesh and Vacuum-Assisted Closure
Closing the Open Abdomen: Improved Success With Wittmann Patch Staged Abdominal Closure
Long-Term Outcome of Acellular Dermal Matrix When Used for Large Traumatic Open Abdomen
Diagnosis of Blunt Intestinal and Mesenteric Injury in the Era of Multidetector CT Technology—Are Results Better?
Reversal of Parenteral Nutrition-induced Gut Mucosal Immunity Impairment With Small Amounts of a Complex Enteral Diet
Insulin Increases the Release of Proinflammatory Mediators
Cervical Spinal Cord Injury Without Bony Injury: A Multicenter Retrospective Study of Emergency and Critical Care Centers in Japan
Outcome After Decompressive Craniectomy for the Treatment of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
How Can Trauma Surgeons Maintain Their Operative Skills?
A Brief Report: The Use of High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation for Severe Pulmonary Contusion
The Impact of Obesity on the Outcome of Emergency Intubation in Trauma Patients
Apoptosis in Cardiac Myocytes During the Early Stage After Severe Burn
The Influence of the Type of Resuscitation Fluid on Gut Injury and Distant Organ Injury in a Rat Model of Trauma/Hemorrhagic Shock
The Differences Between Venous Air Embolism and Fat Embolism in Routine Intraoperative Monitoring Methods, Transesophageal Echocardiography, and Fatal Volume in Pigs
Transacromial Extra-articular Knowles Pin Fixation Treatment of Acute Type V Acromioclavicular Joint Injuries
Scapula Fractures: A Marker for Concomitant Injury? A Retrospective Review of Data in the National Trauma Database
Hemorrhage in Pelvic Fractures Does Not Correlate With Fracture Length
Alcohol Use and Testing Among Older Trauma Victims in Maryland
The Demographics of Equestrian-Related Injuries in the United States: Injury Patterns, Orthopedic Specific Injuries, and Avenues for Injury Prevention
Delayed Onset of Posttraumatic Acute Subdural Hematoma After Mild Head Injury With Normal Computed Tomography: A Case Report and Brief Review
Impaired Healing Because of Copper Deficiency in a Pediatric Burn Patient: A Case Report
Patent Foramen Ovale Closure Before Orthopedic Trauma Surgery to Reduce Risk of Recurrent Systemic Fat Embolism
Successful Endovascular Repair of a Ruptured Aortic Pseudoaneurysm After Swallowing Sulfuric Acid
Transperineal Thoracic Impalement Without Diaphragmatic Injury
Subcutaneous Unilateral Testicle Implantation Following Contralateral Orchiectomy and Radical Debridement for Fournier’s Gangrene: 24-Year Follow-Up
Short Interval Spontaneous Migration of an Intracranial Bullet Fragment
Quadriparesis After a Fall: Hypokalemia Can Mimic Acute Spinal Cord Injury
Unusual Dislocation of the Elbow in a Child-Review of Literature
Blunt Abdominal Trauma Leading to Traumatic Transection of the Liver Without Massive Hemorrhage
Comments on Depreitere et al. Lateral Head Impacts and Protection of the Temporal Area by Bicycle Safety Helmets. J. Trauma. 2007;62:1440.
Use of Locking Compression Plates for Long Bone Nonunions Without Removing Existing Intramedullary Nail: Review of Literature and Our Experience
Skimboard Injuries
Emergency Vascular Surgery, a Practical Guide
Abdominal Wall Abscess in a Diabetic Patient With Ruptured Appendicitis
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