Traditions, Innovations, and Legacies: Presidential Address of the 21st Annual Scientific Assembly of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma
Accuracy of Cardiac Function and Volume Status Estimates Using the Bedside Echocardiographic Assessment in Trauma/Critical Care
An Analgesia–Delirium–Sedation Protocol for Critically Ill Trauma Patients Reduces Ventilator Days and Hospital Length of Stay
Optimizing Outcomes in Damage Control Resuscitation: Identifying Blood Product Ratios Associated With Improved Survival
Thrombelastography is Better Than PT, aPTT, and Activated Clotting Time in Detecting Clinically Relevant Clotting Abnormalities After Hypothermia, Hemorrhagic Shock and Resuscitation in Pigs
Prophylactic Inferior Vena Cava Filters: Do They Make a Difference in Trauma Patients?
Follow-up After Asymptomatic Penetrating Thoracic Injury: 3 Hours is Enough
Hepatoprotection and Lethality Rescue by Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Valproic Acid in Fatal Hemorrhagic Shock
Organ Blood Flow and the Central Hemodynamic Response are Better Preserved in Female, As Opposed to the Male Rats, After Trauma-Hemorrhagic Shock
Adrenal Suppression Following a Single Dose of Etomidate For Rapid Sequence Induction: A Prospective Randomized Study
Subthreshold Quantitative Bronchoalveolar Lavage: Clinical and Therapeutic Implications
Indications for Transcatheter Arterial Embolization in Persistent Hemothorax caused by Blunt Trauma
Temporary Vascular Shunts as Initial Treatment of Proximal Extremity Vascular Injuries During Combat Operations: The New Standard of Care at Echelon II Facilities?
Pulmonary Injury Risk Assessment for Short-Duration Blasts
Significance of Motor Vehicle Crashes and Pelvic Injury on Fetal Mortality: A Five-Year Institutional Review
Cardiac Uncoupling and Heart Rate Variability are Associated With Intracranial Hypertension and Mortality: A Study of 145 Trauma Patients With Continuous Monitoring
Ranking of Trauma Center Performance: The Bare Essentials
The FLAMES Score Accurately Predicts Mortality Risk in Burn Patients
Correlation Between IL-6 Levels and the Systemic Inflammatory Response Score: Can an IL-6 Cutoff Predict a SIRS State?
Temporal Distribution of Trauma Deaths: Quality of Trauma Care in a Developing Country
Postmortem Computed Tomography as an Adjunct to Autopsy for Analyzing Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash Injuries: Results of a Pilot Study
Re-evaluation of Established Risk Scores by Measurement of Nucleated Red Blood Cells in Blood of Surgical Intensive Care Patients
The Impact of Substance Abuse on Mortality in Patients With Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Small Molecule Selectin Inhibitor in Global Cerebral Ischemia and Controlled Hemorrhagic Shock
Ilizarov External Fixation and Then Nailing in Management of Infected Nonunions of the Tibial Shaft
Intramedullary Fixation of Failed Plated Femoral Diaphyseal Fractures: Are Bone Grafts Necessary?
Blunt Solid Organ Injury: Do Adult and Pediatric Surgeons Treat Children Differently?
Upper Limb Traumatic Lesions Related to Airbag Deployment: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Bilateral Morel-Lavallée Lesions After Complex Pelvic Trauma: A Case Report
Bilateral Traumatic Long Thoracic Nerve Palsies
External Fixation for Temporary Stabilization and Wound Management of an Open Pelvic Ring Injury With Extensive Soft Tissue Damage: Case Report and Review of the Literature
Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Bronchoscopy for Removal of Large Gravel in the Bronchial Tree
Wound Therapy Using the Vacuum-Assisted Closure Device: Clinical Experience with Novel Indications
Pseudoaneurysm of the External Carotid Artery After a Blunt Facial Trauma
Ring Around the Carotid: An Illustration of the Surgical Approach to the High Carotid Artery Injury
Attempted Suicide by Auto-Injection of Polyurethane (PU) Foam: Report of a Case
Reconstruction of Traumatically Avulsed Parotid Duct Using Buccal Mucosa Flap: Report of a New Technique
Predicting Adolescent Alcohol Drinking Patterns After Major Injury
Removal of an Endobronchial Bullet With Flexible Bronchoscopy Nine Years After Injury
Abdominal Compartment Syndrome.
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Letters to the Editor
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