Introduction Pediatric Disaster and Emergency Services National Summit
Pediatric Disaster Preparedness: Are We Really Prepared?
Los Angeles County Addresses Pediatric Needs Using the Disaster Resource Center Program
Leadership and Hospital Preparedness: Disaster Management and Emergency Services in Pediatrics
Lessons Learned for Pediatric Disaster Preparedness From September 11, 2001: New York City Trauma Centers
Regional Interoperability: Making Systems Connect in Complex Disasters
Injury Prevention and the National Agenda—Can We Make America Injury Free?
Preventing Unintentional Pediatric Injuries at Evacuation Centers
Emergency Department Surge: Models and Practical Implications
Training for Emergencies
The Impact of Data on the Pediatric Trauma and Critical Care Research Agenda
Data Mining: Childhood Injury Control and Beyond
Trauma System: The Backbone of Disaster Preparedness
Disparities in the Delivery of Pediatric Trauma Care
Modern Approaches to Pediatric Brain Injury Therapy
Cerebrovascular Pathophysiology in Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
Intra-Abdominal Solid Organ Injury in Children: Diagnosis and Treatment
Pediatric Critical Care Surge Capacity
Burn Surge for Los Angeles County, California
Reunification: Keeping Families Together in Crisis
Pediatric Emergency Preparedness Training: Are We on a Path Toward National Dissemination?
The United States Critical Illness and Injury Trials Group: An Introduction
Pediatric Prehospital Medicine in Mass Casualty Incidents
Pediatric and Neonatal Interfacility Transport Medicine After Mass Casualty Incidents
Pediatric Disaster Preparedness: The Potential Role of the Trauma Registry