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Comparison of Trauma Mortality and Estimated Cancer Mortality From Computed Tomography During Initial Evaluation of Intermediate-Risk Trauma Patients
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Heart Rate Variability Is an Independent Predictor of Morbidity and Mortality in Hemodynamically Stable Trauma Patients
Early Lower Extremity Fracture Fixation and the Risk of Early Pulmonary Embolus: Filter Before Fixation?
Pulmonary Activation of Coagulation and Inhibition of Fibrinolysis After Burn Injuries and Inhalation Trauma
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Pathophysiology of Early Trauma-Induced Coagulopathy: Emerging Evidence for Hemodilution and Coagulation Factor Depletion
New Hemostatic Dressing (FAST Dressing) Reduces Blood Loss and Improves Survival in a Grade V Liver Injury Model in Noncoagulopathic Swine
Advanced Hemostatic Dressings Are Not Superior to Gauze for Care Under Fire Scenarios
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Closed Suction Drain After Isolated Hollow Viscus Injury: A Friend or Foe?
Current Use of Damage-Control Laparotomy, Closure Rates, and Predictors of Early Fascial Closure at the First Take-Back
Trauma Healthcare Providers' Knowledge of Alcohol Abuse
Small Volume 7.5% NaCl With 6% Dextran-70 or 6% and 10% Hetastarch Are Associated With Arrhythmias and Death After 60 Minutes of Severe Hemorrhagic Shock in the Rat In Vivo
Characterization of Systemic and Histologic Injury After Crush Syndrome and Intervals of Reperfusion in a Small Animal Model
Prolonged Indwelling Time of Temporary Vascular Shunts Is Associated With Increased Endothelial Injury in the Porcine Mesenteric Artery
Effects of Ketamine on Endotoxin and Traumatic Brain Injury Induced Cytokine Production in the Rat
Dynamic Changes of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Angiopoietin-1 in Association With Circulating Endothelial Progenitor Cells After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Early Cardiac Pacemaker Placement for Life-Threatening Bradycardia in Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury
Application of MPR in Sacral Nerve Injury During Sacral Fracture
The Use of Fluorescence-Labeled Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Poly(lactide-co-glycolide)/Hydroxyapatite/Collagen Hybrid Graft as a Bone Substitute for Posterolateral Spinal Fusion
In Vitro and In Vivo Analysis of a Biodegradable Poly(lactide-co-glycolide) Copolymer Capsule and Collagen Composite System for Antibiotics and Bone Cells Delivery
Results of Volar Locking Plate Osteosynthesis for Distal Radial Fractures
Effect of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor 121 Adenovirus Transduction in Rabbit Model of Femur Head Necrosis
Quality of Life After Severe Trauma: Results From the Global Trauma Trial With Recombinant Factor VII
Functional and Health-Related Quality of Life Outcomes After Pediatric Trauma
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Intraoperative Sonography for Detection of Contralateral Acute Epidural or Subdural Hematoma After Decompressive Surgery
Intraoperative Sonography to Detect Contralateral Hemorrhage After Decompressive Surgery of Acute Subdural Hematoma
The R.A.P.T.O.R. Suite: Resuscitation With Angiography, Percutaneous Techniques, and Operative Repair
Base Deficit: A Better Indicator for Diagnosis and Treatment of Shock in Trauma Patients
Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Enhances Healing of Laminectomy Chip Bone Grafts on Spinal Fusion: A Model of Posterolateral Intertransverse Fusion in Rabbits: Erratum
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Early Onset Pneumonia in Severe Chest Trauma: A Risk Factor Analysis: Erratum
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Identification of Low-Risk Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury and Intracranial Hemorrhage Who Do Not Need Intensive Care Unit Admission
Cross-Sectional Study of Craniocerebral Trauma in a Tertiary Hospital After 2008 Sichuan Earthquake: A Brief Report of 242 Cases and Experiences From West China Hospital
Delayed Surgery for Patients With Femur and Hip Fractures—Risk of Deep Venous Thrombosis
Influence of Low-Dose Nicotine on Bone Healing
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Systematized Training of Advanced Trauma Life Support Protocol in the Interpretation of Cervical Spine and Chest Radiographs in Three Different Emergency Services
Volar Locking Plates Versus K-Wire Fixation of Dorsally Displaced Distal Radius Fractures—A Functional Outcome Study