Injury Free Coalition Annual Supplement: Editor's Foreword
Welcome to the Proceedings of the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Injury Free Coalition for Kids
On the Road With Injury Prevention—An Analysis of the Efficacy of a Mobile Injury Prevention Exhibit
Targeting Pediatric Pedestrian Injury Prevention Efforts: Teasing the Information Through Spatial Analysis
Restraint Use Law Enforcement Intervention in Latino Communities
Under the Influence With a Child in the Car: Implications for Child Safety and Caregiver Intervention
Impact of Connecticut's Graduated Driver Licensing System on Teenage Motor Vehicle Crash Rates
“Non-Bite Dog-Related” Injuries: An Overlooked Injury Mechanism in the Pediatric Population
Behaviors of Young Children Around Microwave Ovens
Goods for Guns—The Use of a Gun Buyback as an Injury Prevention/Community Education Tool
Epidemiology of Bone Fracture Across the Age Span in Blacks and Whites
The Pediatric Hospital Incident Command System: An Innovative Approach to Hospital Emergency Management