“Troo, the Traumaroo©” Bicycle and Playground Safety Program
Nursing Assessment in Adult Trauma Patients With Nonoperative Management of Spleen and Liver Lacerations
The Metabolic Support Team
Implementation & Utilization of a Pediatric Outpatient Trauma Registry
Outreach Projects
Massey's Mishap Mansion
Dog Bites in Children Admitted to Pennsylvanian ©
Mission Hospital's New Millenium Experience
Trauma Observation Critical Pathway
The Use of Video Education for the Ongoing Training of a Multidisciplinary Trauma Team
A Regional Level I Trauma Center's Experience in Rural Trauma Nursing Education
Prevention of Traumatic Brain Injury in Skiers
Court of Appeals Overturns EMTALA Decision Fining Physician $100,000 for Inappropriate Transfer
Trauma Registrar Training