Recent Victimization in Women and Men with Severe Mental Illness
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in a General Psychiatric Inpatient Population
The Relationship of Sleep Quality and Posttraumatic Stress to Potential Sleep Disorders in Sexual Assault Survivors with Nightmares, Insomnia, and PTSD
Psychophysiological Reactivity in Female Sexual Abuse Survivors
Rape and Physical Violence
The Long-Term Mental Health Consequences of Child Sexual Abuse
Relationships Among Alcohol Use, Hyperarousal, and Marital Abuse and Violence in Vietnam Veterans
Consistency of Self-Reports of Traumatic Events in a Population of Dutch Peacekeepers
A Qualitative Analysis of Posttraumatic Stress Among Mexican Victims of Disaster
Translating Research Findings to PTSD Prevention
Effects of Writing About Rape
Cognitive Functioning and the Early Development of PTSD
A Relational Perspective on PTSD in Early Childhood1
Forced Displacement in Yugoslavia
Examination of Predictors of Severe Violence in Combat-Exposed Vietnam Veterans
The Childhood Trauma Questionnaire in a Community Sample
Does Everyone Have a Name? Psychological Distress and Quality of Life Among Child Holocaust Survivors with Lost Identity
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