Coping, Functioning, and Adjustment of Rescue Workers After the Oklahoma City Bombing
Coping Self-Efficacy Perceptions as a Mediator Between Acute Stress Response and Long-Term Distress Following Natural Disasters
Sexual Assault History and Social Support
Emergency Room Vital Signs and PTSD in a Treatment Seeking Sample of Motor Vehicle Accident Survivors
Caregiver Burden and Psychological Distress in Partners of Veterans with Chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder1
Prevalence and Correlates of Secondary Traumatic Stress in Workplace Lay Trauma Counselors
Shame and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Autobiographical Memory Specificity, Intrusive Memory, and General Memory Skills in Dutch–Indonesian Survivors of the World War II Era
Parental Caring as a Possible Buffer Against Sexual Revictimization in Young Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
The Relation of Appraisal, Coping Efforts, and Acuteness of Trauma to PTS Symptoms Among Former Political Prisoners
Changes in PTSD Patients' Narratives During Prolonged Exposure Therapy
A Prospective Analysis of Trauma Exposure
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