Causes of Death Among Male Veterans Who Received Residential Treatment for PTSD
A Descriptive Analysis of PTSD Chronicity in Vietnam Veterans
Do Patients Drop Out Prematurely from Exposure Therapy for PTSD?
Peritraumatic Versus Persistent Dissociation in Acute Stress Disorder
Effects of Trauma-Focused Research on Recent Domestic Violence Survivors
Comment on Hembree and Foa (2003) and EMDR
Response to “Comment on Hembree and Foa (2003)”
Long-Term Effects of the Dresden Bombing
Stress Reactions Among Swedish Peacekeeping Soldiers Serving in Bosnia
Health Effects of War Stress on Norwegian World War II Resistance Groups
Positive Adaptation to Trauma
Predictors of Nonpathological Dissociation in Northern Ireland
Acknowledgment of Ad Hoc Reviewers for Volume 16
Index to Volume 16
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