Touch and Breathe: An Alternative Treatment Approach With Meridian Based Psychotherapies

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This paper reviews the origin of the use of tapping on acupoints in the treatment of psychological problems and introduces an alternative treatment approach. The theoretical and scientific aspects of this alternative treatment approach are discussed as well as the practical/clinical issues. Procedures for incorporating the Touch And Breathe approach into the Thought Field Therapy treatment paradigm are provided and are easily adapted to all other forms of meridian-based psychotherapies. Some research suggestions are offered.Tapping on acupuncture meridian points for the treatment of psychological problems has persisted over the 19-year period since psychologist Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D. introduced his Callahan TechniqueTM. The Callahan Technique, also known in a generic way as Thought Field Therapy, has explored a revolutionary conceptualization of the nature of psychological problems and the rapid alleviation of emotional distress.Callahan developed a causal diagnostic procedure gleaned in part from the insights and discoveries of chiropractor George Goodheart, D.C., who related neuromuscular function and organ system health to the acupuncture meridian system. Callahan (1985) utilized muscle testing methods found in Good heart's Applied Kinesiology and John Diamond's Behavioral Kinesiology (Diamond, 1979) to therapy localize (identify) which acupuncture meridians were involved in psychological issues. Once the meridians are identified, Callahan has the patient repeatedly tap fingers on a designated treatment point along that acupuncture meridian to effect change or restore balance in that meridian. Frequently the causal diagnostic methods produce a sequence of acupuncture meridian points to be tapped.As an outgrowth of the success of The Callahan TechniquesTM, tapping on the acupuncture meridians has continued as a treatment and has been incorporated into other acupuncture meridian based psychotherapies (e.g., James Durlacher's Acu-POWER, Gary Craig's EFTTM;, Fred Gallo's EDxTMTM, etc.).Accordingly, tapping appears to have been established, without critical review, as the “Gold Standard” in the treatment of psychological and psychosomatic disorders.

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