Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Female Sex Workers in Hong Kong: The Role of Migration Status
Description and Burden of Travel-Related Cases Caused by Enteropathogens Reported in a Canadian Community
A Comparison of Pharmacist Travel-Health Specialists' versus Primary Care Providers' Recommendations for Travel-Related Medications, Vaccinations, and Patient Compliance in a College Health Setting
Histoplasmosis and Paracoccidioidomycosis in a Non-Endemic Area: A Review of Cases and Diagnosis
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Travelers' Thrombosis—A State of Practice in Germany
Protective Measures Against Acute Respiratory Symptoms in French Pilgrims Participating in the Hajj of 2009
Campylobacter jejuni is Not an Important Pathogen as a Cause of Diarrhea in US Travelers to Mexico
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Study of the Genetic Discrimination Between Imported and Autochthonous Cases of Malaria in South Korea
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