Clinical Management of Acute Schistosomiasis: Still Challenging!
Acute Schistosomiasis in a Cluster of Travelers From Rwanda: Diagnostic Contribution of Schistosome DNA Detection in Serum Compared to Parasitology and Serology
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Diagnosis and Therapy for Hospitalized Imported Malaria in Adults in Italy
Prospective Multicenter Evaluation of the Expert System “KABISA TRAVEL” in Diagnosing Febrile Illnesses Occurring After a Stay in the Tropics
Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Toward Malaria Risk and Prevention Among Frequent Business Travelers of a Major Oil and Gas Company
Imported Human Rabies Cases in Europe, the United States, and Japan, 1990 to 2010
An Outbreak of Acute Schistosomiasis Following a Church Retreat to Mwanza, Tanzania, 2008
Japanese Encephalitis in a Danish Short-Term Traveler to Cambodia
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New England Souvenirs
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