Changes in net ecosystem productivity of boreal black spruce stands in response to changes in temperature at diurnal and seasonal time scales
Wounding response in xylem of Scots pine seedlings shows wide genetic variation and connection with the constitutive defence of heartwood
Age- and size-related changes in physiological characteristics and chemical composition of Acer pseudoplatanus and Fraxinus excelsior trees
Complex climate controls on 20th century oak growth in Central-West Germany
Differences in leaf characteristics between ozone-sensitive and ozone-tolerant hybrid aspen ( Populus tremula × Populus tremuloides ) clones
Ozone fluxes and foliar injury development in the ozone-sensitive poplar clone Oxford ( Populus maximowiczii × Populus berolinensis ): a dose-response analysis
Acclimation to short-term low temperatures in two Eucalyptus globulus clones with contrasting drought resistance
Plasticity and stress tolerance override local adaptation in the responses of Mediterranean holm oak seedlings to drought and cold
Water relations and photosynthetic performance in Larix sibirica growing in the forest-steppe ecotone of northern Mongolia
Influence of nitrogen and potassium fertilization on leaf lifespan and allocation of above-ground growth in Eucalyptus plantations
Characterization and expression analysis under bending and other abiotic factors of PtaZFP2 , a poplar gene encoding a Cys2/His2 zinc finger protein
Large-scale canopy opening causes decreased photosynthesis in the saplings of shade-tolerant conifer, Abies veitchii
Conifer embryogenic tissue initiation: improvements by supplementation of medium with d-xylose and d- chiro -inositol