Carbon dioxide exchange of buds and developing shoots of boreal Norway spruce exposed to elevated or ambient CO2 concentration and temperature in whole-tree chambers
The polar auxin transport inhibitor NPA impairs embryo morphology and increases the expression of an auxin efflux facilitator protein PIN during Picea abies somatic embryo development
Bud burst timing in Picea abies seedlings as affected by temperature during dormancy induction and mild spells during chilling
Midday depression of leaf CO2 exchange within the crown of Dipterocarpus sublamellatus in a lowland dipterocarp forest in Peninsular Malaysia
Fog reduces transpiration in tree species of the Canarian relict heath-laurel cloud forest (Garajonay National Park, Spain)
The hydraulic conductance of Fraxinus ornus leaves is constrained by soil water availability and coordinated with gas exchange rates
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Wood formation in Abies balsamea seedlings subjected to artificial defoliation
Temporal variation of nonstructural carbohydrates in montane conifers
Characterization of gibberellin 20-oxidases in the citrus hybrid Carrizo citrange
Fine root morphological traits determine variation in root respiration of Quercus serrata
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Shooting control by brassinosteroids