Ecophysiological evaluation of the potential invasiveness of Rhus typhina in its non-native habitats
Age class, longevity and growth rate relationships
Productivity, water-use efficiency and tolerance to moderate water deficit correlate in 33 poplar genotypes from a Populus deltoides × Populus trichocarpa F1 progeny
Low moisture availability inhibits the enhancing effect of increased soil temperature on net photosynthesis of white birch (Betula papyrifera) seedlings grown under ambient and elevated carbon dioxide concentrations
Within-canopy and ozone fumigation effects on δ13C and Δ18O in adult beech (Fagus sylvatica) trees
Leaf and canopy conductance in aspen and aspen-birch forests under free-air enrichment of carbon dioxide and ozone
Seasonal and long-term effects of CO2 and O3 on water loss in ponderosa pine and their interaction with climate and soil moisture
Hydraulic properties of naturally regenerated beech saplings respond to canopy opening
Plasticity in the Huber value contributes to homeostasis in leaf water relations of a mallee Eucalypt with variation to groundwater depth
Shrinkage processes in standard-size Norway spruce wood specimens with different vulnerability to cavitation
Tracing of recently assimilated carbon in respiration at high temporal resolution in the field with a tuneable diode laser absorption spectrometer after in situ 13CO2 pulse labelling of 20-year-old beech trees
Interpretation of stem CO2 efflux measurements
Anatomy and morphology in developing vegetative buds on detached Norway spruce branches in controlled conditions before bud burst
Functional analysis of putative genes encoding the PIP2 water channel subfamily in Populus trichocarpa