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Differential responses in sympatric tree species exposed to waterlogging
Role of waterlogging-responsive genes in shaping interspecific differentiation between two sympatric oak species
Effect of flooding on C metabolism of flood-tolerant (Quercus robur) and non-tolerant (Fagus sylvatica) tree species
Variation in water potential, hydraulic characteristics and water source use in montane Douglas-fir and lodgepole pine trees in southwestern Alberta and consequences for seasonal changes in photosynthetic capacity
Phenological and water-use patterns underlying maximum growing season length at the highest elevations
Testing the equi-resistance principle of the xylem transport system in a small ash tree
Tree-growth analyses to estimate tree species' drought tolerance
A single leaf of Camellia oleifera has two types of carbon assimilation pathway, C3 and crassulacean acid metabolism
Does canopy mean nitrogen concentration explain variation in canopy light use efficiency across 14 contrasting forest sites?
Temperature responses of leaf net photosynthesis
Metabolite profiling reveals clear metabolic changes during somatic embryo development of Norway spruce (Picea abies)