Maintenance of platelet in vitro properties during 7-day storage in M-sol with a 30-hour interruption of agitation

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Extensive periods without agitation can occasionally occur during platelet (PLT) shipment and can affect PLT quality during 5- to 7-day storage. The use of buffer-containing PLT additive solutions (ASs) may better preserve PLT quality during storage by maintaining PLT pH and other in vitro variables. A newly described bicarbonate-containing AS, M-sol, was compared to plasma for preservation of whole blood–derived PLT concentrates in which a 30-hour interruption of agitation was included.


ABO-identical PLT-rich plasma intermediate products were pooled in sets of four, split, and centrifuged with subsequent plasma expression (n = 12). Two units were resuspended with M-sol AS to produce a 70 percent solution/30 percent plasma PLT concentrate; 2 units were resuspended in 100 percent plasma. One M-sol resuspended unit and 1 plasma unit were held on a laboratory bench in a standard shipping box for 30 hours between Day 2 and Day 3, while the other M-sol and plasma unit were continuously agitated. Standard in vitro testing for PLT quality variables on each set of 4 units was performed during storage (n = 12).


Interrupting agitation of PLTs suspended in M-sol resulted in less of a pH decrement during storage than that of PLTs suspended in 100 percent plasma. On Days 5 and 7, the pH differences between M-sol and plasma units were 0.56 and 0.75 pH units, respectively (p < 0.0003). In addition, PLTs suspended in M-sol and subjected to an interruption of agitation had lesser Day 7 CD62+ cells, glucose utilization, and lactate production and greater hypotonic stress response, morphology, swirling, and aggregation response than those suspended in plasma (p ≤ 0.005).


The in vitro properties of PLTs suspended in 70 percent M-sol/30 percent plasma and subjected to a 30-hour interruption of agitation are better maintained during 7-day storage than those of matched units suspended in plasma.

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