Hepatitis E virus: seroprevalence and frequency of viral RNA detection among US blood donors

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Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is a nonenveloped emerging virus of increasing worldwide interest. Antibody prevalence, RNA frequencies, and transfusion transmissions have been reported. We investigated the HEV RNA and antibody frequencies in US blood donors.


Individual-donation HEV RNA testing was performed on 18,829 donations from six US geographic regions using a CE-marked nucleic acid test (95% limit of detection, 7.9 IU/mL). Repeat-reactive donations were confirmed by in-house, real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR; 10.3 IU/mL). Total HEV seroprevalence in a randomly selected subset of donations (n = 4499) was assessed by a direct, double-antigen sandwich assay; reactives were further tested for immunoglobulin (Ig)G and IgM. As part of the total antibody confirmatory algorithm, the cutoff was adjusted.


Two donations tested confirmed-positive for RNA (PCR not quantifiable, IgM/IgG positive; and 14 IU/mL, antibody negative) for a frequency of 1 in 9500 (95% confidence interval [CI], 1:2850-1:56,180) and 99.96% specificity (95% CI, 99.92%-99.98%); both donors were from the Midwest United States. Antibody prevalence was 9.5% (95% CI, 8.7-10.5) before the cutoff adjustment and 7.7% (95% CI, 7.0%-8.5%) after adjustment; 0.58% (95% CI, 0.39%-0.85%) were IgM positive.


We confirmed comparatively low rates and low viral loads of HEV RNA in US blood donors indicating the need for individual-donation testing if screening is implemented. Antibody prevalence rates were comparable to those reported by one US study using a different assay, but lower than those reported in another study using yet a third assay. We did not answer the question of whether US blood donation screening is warranted. Selective strategies involving providing HEV-negative blood to severely immunosuppressed patients at risk of developing hepatitis may be considered.

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