Multicenter study to evaluate a new enumeration method for hematopoietic stem cell collection management

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BACKGROUND:CD34 flow cytometry is the gold standard for stem cell enumeration in peripheral blood at the mobilization stage and in the final apheresis product. The new stem cell mode of the Sysmex XN Series analyzer enumerates an immature cell population in the white progenitor and pathological cell (WPC) channel, based on the cell size, internal cellular complexity, and fluorescence intensity.STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS:In this multicenter study we analyzed 147 peripheral blood samples, 22 samples during collection of stem cells, and 45 samples from the apheresis product of 18 healthy allogeneic donors and 84 autologous patients.RESULTS:In this multicenter study we demonstrate that the XN stem cell enumeration method correlates well with viable CD34+ cells determined by flow cytometry during the stem cell mobilization phase to determine apheresis start time, during apheresis for real-time monitoring and adjustment, and for quality control of the final stem cell harvest.CONCLUSION:Our data show that there is an improvement in the correlation of XN stem cells and CD34+ cells in the peripheral blood during stem cell mobilization as well as in stem cell harvests compared to SE or XE Series analyzers. The XN stem cell enumeration method has a number of advantages compared to CD34 flow cytometry: it is fast, simple, reproducible, and less expensive. CE marking for the European market has been obtained, making the stem cell count on the XN analyzer a reportable clinical variable.

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