High Temperature Tribological Characteristics of Fe–Mo-based Self-Lubricating Composites

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Fe–Mo-based self-lubricating composites were prepared by a powder metallurgical hot-pressing method. The tribological properties of Fe–Mo-based composites with varied CaF2 contents at high temperature were evaluated, and the effect of glaze films on the friction and wear characteristics of composites were analyzed. The results show that the introduction of CaF2 into Fe–Mo alloys improved the mechanical properties, and the best tribological properties of Fe–Mo–CaF2 composites were achieved at the CaF2 content of 8 wt% at both room temperature and 600 °C. The worn surface of Fe–Mo–CaF2 composite at 600 °C is characterized to plastic deformation and slight scuffing, and the improved tribological properties are attributed to the formation of lubricious glaze film that composed of high-temperature lubricants CaMoO4 and CaF2 on the worn surface of the composites.

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