CVD diamond, DLC, and c-BN coatings for solid film lubrication
Conventional and ionized magnetron sputter-deposition of nanocrystalline titanium diboride thin films
A methodology of measuring nitrogen content in thin nitrogenated carbon overcoats on magnetic thin film media
Characterization and modification of carbon nitride films deposited by laser ablation under low-energy ion-beam bombardment
Evidence for and role of boron carbide icosahedra in the hardness of amorphous hydrogenated boron carbide
Preparation of mica surfaces for enhanced resolution and cleanliness in the surface forces apparatus
Stick–slip motion in the atomic force microscope
Acoustic emission studies of thin film rigid disks and proximity recording sliders and its applications to tribology
In situ formation of tribologically effective oxide interfaces in SiC-based ceramics during dry oscillating sliding
Static energy calculations of stress-strain behavior of self-assembled monolayers
Study of stress-hardening and fatigue of polymer coatings in marring with a scanning probe microscope
The decomposition mechanisms of a perfluoropolyether at the head/disk interface of hard disk drives
Behavior of perfluoropolyalkylethers under simulated dynamic bearing conditions
Correlation between abrasive wear resistance and changes in structure and residual stresses of steels*
Nonlinear cavitation erosion of stainless steel in mercury versus applied power*
Micellar calcium borate as an antiwear additive
Influence of water vapour and oxygen co-adsorption on adhesion