Wear mechanisms on multiphase Al2O3 ceramics during running-in period in unlubricated oscillating sliding contact
Interfacial friction of helium films physisorbed on two-dimensional mesoporous hectorite*
The role of hydrogen on the friction mechanism of diamond-like carbon films
High-pressure lubrication with lamellar structures in aqueous lubricant
Exploratory study of alumina-on-alumina sliding contact in the presence of the chemical vapor aluminum tri-sec-butoxide
A molecular-beam study of the tribological chemistry of carbon tetrachloride on oxygen-covered iron
Tribological behavior of a multialkylated cyclopentane oil under ultrahigh vacuum conditions
Effects of film characteristics on frictional properties of carboxylic acid monolayers
The lubricant migration rate on the hard disk surface
Comparison studies on degradation mechanisms of perfluoropolyether lubricants and model lubricants
Effect of surface chemistry on the tribological performance of a MEMS electrostatic lateral output motor
Anisotropic oxidation of MoS2 crystallites studied by angle-resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Organophosphorus chemistry structure and performance relationships in FZG gear tests
Tribological characteristics of silicon nitride at elevated temperatures
Rheological effects of synovial fluid on nutritional transport
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