Progress in the pursuit of the fundamentals of tribology
Simulations of the kinetic friction due to adsorbed surface layers
Dry friction between flat surfaces
A molecular dynamics study of scale effects on the friction of single-asperity contacts
Periodicities in the properties associated with the friction of model self-assembled monolayers
The current status of tribological surface science
A molecular beam study of the tribological chemistry of dialkyl disulfides
Atomic friction studies on well-defined surfaces
On the current status of quartz crystal microbalance studies of superconductivity-dependent sliding friction
Generation of defects in model lubricant monolayers and their contribution to energy dissipation in friction
The relationships between interfacial friction and the conformational order of organic thin films
Shear-induced mechanochromism in polydiacetylene monolayers
Tribological properties of self-assembled monolayers on Au, SiO x and Si surfaces
The influence of coating structure on micromachine stiction
Influence of polymer surface chemistry on frictional properties under protein-lubrication conditions
In situ studies of the lubricant chemistry and frictional properties of perfluoropolyalkyl ethers at a sliding contact
Nanocomposite polymer layers for molecular tribology