X-ray absorption spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy of films generated from organosulfur extreme-pressure (EP) oil additives
Tribological properties of alkoxyl monolayers on oxide terminated silicon
Effects of perfluoropolyalkyl ethers and perfluorinated acids on crack growth in soda-lime glass
Theoretical and experimental study of a thermal contact conductance model for elastic, elastoplastic and plastic deformation of rough surfaces
Microscopic studies of friction and wear at the benzotriazole/copper interface
Study of the lubrication mechanism of overbased Ca sulfonate on additives containing S or P
Improving the anti-seizure ability of SiC seal in water with RIE texturing
Erratum for “The tribochemical study of some N-containing heterocyclic compounds as lubricating oil additives,” Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 87-93
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